Omega 8003/8005 Juicer Review

Omega-J8005Ever wondered what homemade juice tastes like? There are plenty of options besides the typical juice you purchase in the store, but it requires that you own a juicer to do so. The Omega 8003/8005 juicer is one of the highest powered products on the market today even though it is a generation younger than the most recent release. For the value, this is useful for starting off with serious juicing. In the rest of this review, we will show you not only how the juicer is special when compared with other juicers, but what features are helpful for your household in general.

Omega 8003/8005 Juicer Specifics

Finding the best juicer as a beginner or even an experienced juicer is not an easy task. One most calculate how to identify what is best for your needs, what will last the longest, and many other factors associated with juicing. The Omega 8003/8005 juicer can provide a number of specific benefits over other industry juicers. With their patented auger technology, they provide a higher percentage of juice extracted through fruits and vegetables while offering a long warranty.

One of the best aspects of this juicer is perhaps the ease of cleaning. Anyone with experience in juicing will attest to how difficult and time consuming cleaning the device properly can be. Not only is it a constant chore, it is also a problem that nobody likes to have to deal with. It is important to make sure that you take this into consideration when you are getting your specific juicer so that you may avoid some of the problems that are associated with cleaning.

Also important to consider when choosing your juicer is whether or not the device can handle all of the vegetables and fruits that you want to juice. Some are better for softer fruits, while others are best for hard root vegetables. The Omega 8003/8005 juicer is actually perfect for both soft fruits and hard root vegetables. Still, it will require you to be careful with the blade so as to not damage it.

Beyond Juicing

Beyond just being able to provide you with excellent fruit and vegetables juice, the Omega 8003/8005 juicer will also be able to act as a food processor for nuts, seeds, pepper, ginger or any other cooking ingredient that you need chopped or minced. Acting as this dual purpose, it makes the Omega juicers seem like a better overall deal than trying to find a product that may only help provide you support with juicing alone. The proper setting on this juicer can also yield a pasta extruder as well, which will make your life a lot easier and enjoyable as well.

Power and Warranty

The makers of the Omega models can also provide you with a guarantee that is beyond any other. For these models, the warranty is 10 years old, which shows just how much confidence the owners have in this model. More importantly, the power of this behemoth device will provide you with some evidence of how useful it is to be utilizing an Omega model.

Even though the power for this product is incredibly high, the auger is more silent than you might imagine. With the use of cleverly designed pieces of equipment, the noise that emits from the specific machine will be far reduced and offer you a much better experience throughout the lifetime of the machine.

Omega 8003/8005 Juicer Review

While it does have a shorter warranty than the generation of Omega 8004/8006 models, that does not mean this is not a valuable offer. In fact, due to the aged nature of this piece of machinery, there is a good possibility that you will be able to get this product for a fraction of the cost that it would have otherwise gone for. From a value perspective, you can’t get any better than this product.

The juicer is well designed so that cleaning is far easier than many of the other models that are available today and although there are plenty of people trying to replicate this kind of cleaning mechanism, few have been able to do so. You can save a lot of time and money with this product as a result.

Finally, the Omega 8003/8005 juicer is a much better product for you to have in the long term if you want a machine that will last a while. With an extended warranty that is far longer than many other brands, you will be assured of a working product for many years to come. Overall, there is no reason you can’t find a use for the Omega juicer whether you are new to juicing or if you are an expert. Even the alternative uses will be useful for everyone even if juicing is not high on your priority list.