Nespresso KRUPS Pixie Review

Nespresso KRUPS YY1201FD PixieThe Nespresso Pixie is the smallest, fastest, and most energy efficient in Nespressos line of single serve espresso makers.

It shares in common with the bigger, more expensive, Nespresso Citiz the ability to make high quality espresso, but in an extra compact size which fits easily on the kitchen counter and is very portable.

Its aesthetically pleasing style, and its easy, convenient use have also helped to make this unit a popular choice with espresso aficionados.

How much time does it take to make a cup?

Some espresso machines can take twenty or thirty minutes to heat up and make a cup of espresso. Thats fine if you dont mind waiting and have plenty of time to spare. But if you like to be served quickly without the wait, or you are in a rush and dont have time to spare, then that sort of waiting time isnt going to cut it.

One of the big features of the Nespresso Pixie is the speed with which the whole process of making your espresso is completed. The Nespresso espresso machines are all fast units in this regard, but the Pixie is the fastest of the lot. It heats up in around twenty seconds, and ten seconds later you can have a cup of espresso ready to drink. Theres no waiting around here, thats for sure!

Crema Production

All espresso lovers want and expect to see a nice crema (the foam) on a quality espresso when it is first poured. Cheap, steam driven machines generally fail to produce this, and the espresso they produce is usually poor quality. But the Nespresso Pixie consistently produces a quality crema. The presence of a nice thick crema is a good sign that youre getting a good espresso.

Milk Frother

The Nespresso Pixie espresso maker is very small and compact in size, and does not come with a built in Aeroccino for frothing milk, like the larger Nespresso d120 does. So if you will be wanting to make milk based coffee drinks like cappuccino and latte you will have to buy a separate milk frother. As you would expect, Nespresso do a good stand alone Aeroccino that you can purchase for use with the Nespresso Pixie.

Range of coffee that can be used

The unit is built for exclusive use with Nespressos own range of coffee capsules. There is a wide range to choose from, and unless you live close to a place that sells them, you will have to purchase them online. Nespressos customer service is very good, and they aim to get ordered capsules to you within 2 days, but they often do better than that and deliver it the next day.

The machine comes with 16 capsules to begin with, so that you can use the machine straight out of the box, and experiment in finding your favourite types of espresso for subsequent orders.

Steam or Pump

When looking for an espresso machine that will make quality espresso, it is important to avoid the cheaper steam driven units which usually produce poor espresso. Pump driven machines create a far greater pressure during the extraction process which results in better extraction, and far superior flavour and crema.

The Nespresso Pixie is pump driven, and exerts 19 bars of pump pressure during extraction, resulting in the quality flavour and crema that is associated with the Nespresso coffee machines.


While it is not a big problem for most people, especially given the short time taken to make espresso with this unit, the Nespresso Pixie is fairly loud and is capable of disturbing people nearby.


This espresso maker measures 12.8 x 4.3 x 9.2 inches.

Additional Features

The Nespresso Pixie has buttons for both espresso and lungos (larger coffee drinks using more water). These dispensing buttons are programmable. Either can start and stop the extraction process of the unit. But when you hold down a button while making the espresso, the machine remembers how much water was used so that on subsequent use you only need to press the button once for it to use the same volume of water. With two buttons available you can in this way program each of them to use a different amount of water for your espressos or lungos.

  • It has a 24oz removable water tank.
  • It has a used capsule container.
  • It has foldable drip tray to enable the use of larger cups.
  • It has an auto off function which will automatically turn the unit off if it is left on and unused for 9 minutes.
  • It has a thermoblock heater which enables very precise control of temperature.


The Nespresso Pixie comes with a 1 year warranty.


  • The unit is very compact, so it doesnt take up much space on your counter and is easily portable.
  • It is the fastest Nespresso machine available, and can heat up and make your espresso in around 30 seconds.
  • When you consider that some popular espresso machines can take over 20 minutes, this is exceptional speed.
  • You consistently get a thick crema when using this unit.
  • This espresso maker is very quick and easy to clean.
  • The unit is made with stainless steel and durable plastics that should last a long time.
  • It features a 19 bar pressure pump for a good extraction and resultant flavor.


  • Its not a big issue, but as the unit is very small it has a smaller water tank, which means it has to be refilled more often.
  • Some people find the water tank to be more difficult to remove than on the Nespresso Citiz.
  • You can only use Nespressos own range of coffee capsules with the machine. They do offer a wide range of types and delivery is very fast, but some people might prefer more freedom in their choice of which coffee to use.
  • It is relatively noisy compared to the Citiz.
  • It doesnt come with a built in aeroccino, so this will have to be purchased separately if you want to make milk based coffee drinks.

Nespresso Pixie D60 and Nespresso Pixie C60

The Pixie comes in two models the D60 and the C60. Functionally they are identical, they just differ slightly in design.

Consumer Ratings

The Nespresso Pixie is a very popular espresso machine with consumers. Its speed and compact size have proved a hit, along with the great tasting Espresso you expect from the Nespresso machines. At this moment in time it has a 4 star rating from customer reviews on Amazon.


The best discounts on Espresso machines are found on Amazon, and this unit is currently available at a great price. It also comes with free shipping from Amazon.