Mr. Coffee ECM160 Espresso Machine Review

What Is Mr. Coffee ECM160?

Mr. Coffee ECM160If you have trouble starting your day without a strong cup of coffee, then the Mr. Coffee ECM160 4-Cup Steam Espresso Machine, Black is the machine that your kitchen shouldnt be without.

This machine is, in short, a personal supply of espresso that will give you access to the dark, bitter, highly caffeinated brew whenever you need to give your day a bit of a jump start. Convenient, easy to use and easy to store away when youre not using it, this machine can give you all of the punch you need to get started in the morning, or to work your way through a long, hard night.

Heres What It will Do For You

Well, the Mr. Coffee ECM160 is a convenient way for you to get all of the caffeine and espresso that you could possibly need to jump start yourself. While there are a number of benefits, not the least of which is not having to go to an overpriced coffee shop to get the same, tasty blend that you could make at home, its important that anyone contemplating purchasing a machine weighs them all. For instance, this machine

Mr. Coffee ECM160 Pros

  • Brews 1 to 4 cups at a time, giving you the ability to choose just how much espresso you need for your day.
  • Comes with a removable frothing aid. So whether you want your espresso bitter and hot, or you prefer creamy, frothy milk for a homemade cappuccino is completely up to you.
  • The decanter that the coffee drips into has measuring marks so you know exactly how much you have, and it has a convenient, pouring nib. No more spilled coffee when you pour from this container. It also has a conveniently cool handle that doesnt heat up, no matter how steamy your coffee is.
  • Cup warmer. Nothing can suck the heat out of fresh coffee like a cold cup, so warm the cup up before hand to ensure that your drink stays warmed longer.
  • The whole device is only 8 by 6.5 by 10.5 inches, which means that no matter how little counterspace you have, it wont be a huge inconvenience. Alternatively, if you want to keep it in a cabinet, it fits inside easily and you wont have to struggle with it to get it put away.
  • Easy to clean and simple to use, this machine packs a big punch for all your espresso drinking needs.

Honest Customer Reviews

“Love this product. I read all the other reviews before buying, so I knew it didnt come with a steaming pitcher and ordered one to go with it. However, I didnt realize that it didnt come with an espresso tamper either. I would have ordered one had I known, now I have to wait for the one I ordered to come in and hope it fits this machine.” From

“Ive had this machine for over a year. I have tried other machines, even a pump. It makes good cappuccinos/lattes when the milk is steamed properly at the right temperature. If your only into espresso shots, I would go with a different pump driven machine.” From

Heres What I Want You To Do Next

Well, that depends really. Do you love espresso and cappuccino? Do you want to be able to make them at your own convenience for a fraction of the price that a swanky coffee shop would charge you for them? Would you like to be able to get your coffee fix any time, day or night when youre at home? Then the Mr. Coffee ECM160 may be just the machine youve been looking for all these years.

The Mr. Coffee ECM160 provides an espresso lover with everything she needs and more. Its small, simple to use and can brew one to four cups at a time, so your company doesnt have to wait to be served while you drink the first cup.

Also, while the machine itself lacks a tamper,this espresso machine will save any coffee lover money in the long run because it will always be cheaper than buying your coffee from a shop. And the longer a timeline you brew your own over, the more money youll have ended up saving.

So if you love your coffee, why not invest in this espresso machine to make your life a little bit easier? Its small, convenient, easy to use and its a lot cheaper than going to an expensive middle man who will make the same coffee you could be making for yourself at home. Your bank account will thank you. Give the Mr. Coffee ECM160 4-Cup Steam Espresso Machine, Black a try today, and see if you love it as much as others have.