MK Tile Saw Reviews – Does The MK Tile Saw Can Do The Job?

mk-diamond-tile-sawThe MK tile saw series was designed to provide do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike with the right equipment for cutting and shaping tiles, as well as other hard materials like granite or marble. Although these are high quality tile saws that perform beyond what is normally expected of them, this outstanding reliability and construction comes at a price. The MK saws are not the cheapest on the market and that makes learning about each of the tile saw models before purchasing a must. In this blog the advantages, disadvantages and important features of two MK tile saw models will be discussed in depth.

There are several facts that first have to be known about power tools and equipment in order to be able to compare various models and determine which one is right for the job. Some features affect functionality more than others, though, and this is no different with a MK Diamond tile saw. With tile saws, the most important specs to look up include motor size, horsepower, torque, depth of cutting and maximum material thickness that can be cut.

Other important facts to take into consideration include safety features, materials that can be cut with the machine, maintenance, materials used to make the machine, cost of replacement parts, possible cutting angles, size and cut accuracy. When it comes to cutting tile, there are two main models in the MK tile saw lineup that immediately stand out and which have to be studied in further detail. These are the MK 370 tile saw and the MK 101 tile saw. Although they are made by the same company, the specifications for each machine are different and each is suitable for certain types of cutting jobs.

MK 101 Tile Saw : Ideal for All Jobs Big and Small

mk-diamond-mk-101For all remodeling jobs that require cutting materials like tile, granite and marble a good machine like the MK 101 tile saw is needed. This is a professional grade tile saw that was designed to be used for many years and for all kinds of jobs, including large scale ones. This particular tile saw model is one of the premium machines manufactured by MK and is part of the elite Diamond series.

The MK 101 tile saw has many features that regular wet cutting tile saws do not have. In fact, it is hard to find a machine of comparable quality in the price range and even though it is ideal for large or commercial jobs, it is also a joy to use for residential renovations since it is easy to use and the cuts are clean. The MK 101 tile saw can also cut any type of tile, lapidary stone, marble, porcelain or granite pieces up to a depth of 3.75 inches and that is more than enough for almost all standard sizes of these materials sold for home or office remodeling jobs.

The technical specifications of the MK 101 tile saw are on the high end in terms of power and quality, which a simple comparison to other tile saws in its class will only prove. The blade capacity is 10 inches, but the cutting head can be moved to accommodate smaller sized blades as well, and it is extremely simple to change the blade so that the right one is used for a material being cut or if a replacement is needed. The blade is powered by a high torque, high efficiency 120 volt Baldor electric engine that has a total of 2 horsepower. For safety reasons, the fan cooled electric engine is completely enclosed.

Using the MK 101 tile saw is very easy and intuitive. The proper eye, hand and ear protection should always be used for apparent reasons, but this tile saw has many integrated safety features that minimize the chances of injury due to an accident. Regular cuts with this tile saw are easy to make and look very professional, but the multi-position engine post with cutting head is also capable of making cuts at different angles and plunge cuts needed to make openings for plumbing or electrical outlets. The MK 101 tile saw also allows the user to attach 6 and 8 inch profile wheels, which is needed for making smooth and professional looking cuts on marble or granite.

One problem with the MK 101 tile saw is that since it is a professional grade machine with all the features, it is not small or light. People looking for something more portable or lightweight should look into another model, because the MK 101 tile saw weighs around 110 pounds, despite being only 36 inches long, 22 inches wide and 23 inches high.

Purchasing this tile saw is investing money in a wet cutting saw that will be able to endure many jobs throughout the years. It is a great value for the money and anyone who has used to the MK 101 tile saw will know that it is worth every penny.

MK 370 Tile Saw : Get the Job Done Right

diamond-mk-370The MK 370 tile saw is a lightweight, portable wet cutting tool that is designed to cut ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and even thin marble pieces. This model is actually one of the lower end tile saws manufactured by MK, but nonetheless it was made using only professional quality materials, specifications and with the intentions of it being used for many years.

It is a powerful wet tile cutting saw that has great functionality for a machine with an engine that only has 1.25 horsepower, albeit an impressive 6,000 RPM. The MK 370 tile saw uses a seven inch blade that can easily be replaced whenever it becomes too blunt, damaged or needs to be inspected. The tool can make cuts up to 2 inches deep, 13 inches diagonally or 18 inches long. The cutting mechanism has an integrated 45 degree miter system and that makes cutting tiles for even inexperienced DIYer an easy job.

When putting up wall tiles, it is always necessary to make precise, round cuts for power outlets and plumbing pipes or fixtures. This is very difficult to do with most hobby saws, but not with the MK 370 tile saw. One of the most convenient features is something called the plunge capability, which basically allows the user to quickly make a hole in the tile for any type of opening. Making precision cuts is also a cinch, because this model comes with a chrome plated linear guide bar that is 5/8 inches in diameter. This piece provides the support needed to ensure that all cuts are clean, straight and smooth.

However, the MK 370 tile saw is also a dangerous tool if not used correctly or without precaution, but fortunately the company included several safety features in the design. The materials used for the reservoir and frame are all durable and strong enough to provide stability when in use. The hinged blade guard not only makes changing the blade a quick process, but it is also meant to protect in case of an accident. The MK-Safeswitch is another feature that prevents operation of the tile saw while the locking key is not in place.

Even though the MK 370 tile saw is overall a great cutting tool and can only be recommended, there are a few minor drawbacks that have to be mentioned. The one negative point has to do with the folding stand that comes with the machine and not the tile saw itself. The stand is not very stable and it is most likely better to purchase a separate stand to go along with this portable tile saw. Another slight problem is that it is very loud and if it is to be used in an indoor space or small area, then ear protection should definitely be used. Finally, there is no drain plug included with the MK 370 tile saw, but this can be solved by purchasing one from a store and just installing it.

For the quality and price, this tile saw is a great value. It is ideal for all residential, hobby DIY or small commercial jobs that require cutting tiles or marble. The cuts are precise, accurate and the depth is more than sufficient for most jobs. It is also portable and the only possible conclusion that anyone can come to is that the MK 370 tile saw is a great machine to own and a joy to use.