Milwaukee 6391-21 Circular Saw Review


Milwaukee 6391-21 Circular Saw with Blade on Left

If you are in need for a new circular saw, you may want to check out the Milwaukee 6391-21 circular saw. This devices is built for anyone looking to perform home upgrades and maintenance. Of course, there are some handy features on the saw that aren’t typically found on circular saws, which you may either extremely like or not care for at all. Depending on your preference the Milwaukee 6391-21 may possibly be the perfect saw for your next construction project.

The most noticeable change on the Milwaukee 6391-21 over other standard circular saws is that the blade is mounted on the far left of the saw. Not in the middle or on the right as many circular saws are designed. The circular saw is electric based and does require a local power outlet in order to charge up and be used. It does not use any batteries so if you are working on a job far away from all power outlets, you do need an extension cord. The blade is a seven and a quarter inch saw with an adjustable handle that tiles to ensures you are always comfortable holding the equipment while you work. On top of this the 15 amp, three and a quarter horsepower is extremely powerful, so it is strong enough to cut through any wood and just about anything else you need to on your project. The circular saw is nearly 10 and a half pounds, so it is light enough to be moved around at east, yet heavy enough to ensure you cut straight lines. You don’t want a saw that is so lite it is going to move on you while attempt to cut perfect lines in your timber.

Having the saw blade positioned on the left side of the Milwaukee 6391-21 circular saw is nice for any right handed individuals. This is because the saw blade now lines up evenly with the eyes, allowing you to follow more directly the line you are cutting down. This ensures you cut straighter, more accurate cuts. On top of this, the heavy duty three and a quarter horse power is strong enough for any project you are going to tackle, so you most likely won’t need a more powerful saw blade. In addition, you are sure to find yourself comfortable while using the saw, as you can completely adjust the handle bars on the saw. Many circular saws do not come with this feature, leaving you standing and holding the circular saw in its concrete design.

Milwaukee 6391-21 Customer Reviews

This is no good if you are looking for maximum comfort. The packaging comes not only with the circular saw, but the carbide tipped saw blade, a blade wrench for removing the saw, a storage case for the saw and the owner’s manual. The saw is favorably reviewed, with A. Fitzwater stating

“Butter! The title of this review says it all, Butter! Everything I have cut with this saw is effortless, especially when teamed up with a nice Diablo blade.”

ReallyGreeley also states

“A truly wonderful saw. What took tool manufacturers so long to place the blade on the left where we right handed people can actually see the blade while cutting?”

Of course, there are some downsides to the Milwaukee 6391-21 circular saw. To start, if you are left handed you probably want to stay clear of this saw. It is best to have a saw with the blade on the right side, so you are able to see what you are cutting while using the equipment. On top of this, the Milwaukee 6391-21 does require an electrical outlet connection, making it difficult to move the hardware around with you, especially if you need to travel a great distance from available power.

If you are looking for a saw that allows you to see every cut, the Milwaukee circular saw may just be what you are looking for. Outside of needing a local power outlet, the saw is ready to go, no matter what, and is powerful enough to cut through any material you need. For extreme power and comfort, look no further than the Milwaukee 6391-21 circular saw, for all of your home improvement and maintenance needs.