Milwaukee 6390-21 Circular Saw Review


If you are looking for a powerful, quality circular saw to handle all those projects you need to get done, then check out the Milwaukee 6390-21 7-1/4-Inch 15-Amp Tilt-Lok Circular Saw, and see how quick you’ll have free time on your hands. You can change blades easily with the spindle-lock one touch button. The handle moves into eight different positions to give you comfort in holding the saw for any materials you are working with on your job. Each position will allow you the proper control of the saw for your safety. Adjustments can be easily made when the saw touches the surface you are working on, so you have a clear view of your cutting edge. These adjustments allow for you to see from any angle, which improves your final cut.

With modern technology you’ll get a clean, smooth, accurate cuts and maximum comfort in handling your Milwaukee 6390-21 circular saw. Wet lumber would be no challenge for the horsepower of this saw. The horsepower of the Milwaukee saw is of quality grade and allows the saw to cut with extreme ease through any rough materials. It will cut through anything you need to work on with ease. When the saw is set to a shallow cut, you don’t have to worry about the handle moving in the wrong direction; it stays right where you need it for your job. This gives you stability and control on any surface in which your saw is cutting. When using the saw you will be able to see through an opening and see the blade and the cut line, which will allow you a straight and perfect cut. The Milwaukee 6390-21 circular saw takes a lot of wear and tear and is tough enough to take constant use. The saw can be plugged into any 120V socket, and an extension cord can be used so you can reach into other areas if needed.

Milwaukee 6390-21 – Pros and Cons

Nine out of ten owners of the Milwaukee 6390-21 Circular Saw have rated it as an excellent saw, with plenty of power, that handles many different kinds of materials even when wet. One opinion stated, was that the saw was a precise piece of equipment that performs accurately all the time and is a carpenter’s dream to work with on any project. They all like the tilt-lok handle that has so many useable positions, and the hand grips that are made with a rubber coating to help with the feel of the vibration of the saw. The light weight of the saw allows user to use the saw for an extended length of time without tiring their arms. They are very pleased with the horsepower of the saw and found that it cuts through all sorts of materials without causing any stress. Consumers have found this saw to be powerful enough to handle any job around the house as well as smaller industrial projects, where they had needed to use the saw. The saw makes fast work of any job because, the saw runs at an unbelievable speed. You will always be in full control of the saw because of all the safety guards built into the saw.

The only complaint found on the Milwaukee 6390-21, was that some people did not like the saw blades that came with the saw. They said they felt they were cheap and could have been of better quality. Other’s have said the blades were fine and performed well and that it was just a matter of preference as to what blade would work better in the saw. A minor complaint from one person stated that the unit is over sized when storing it away. One more person said he wished the blades could be on the left side for left handed people, like him. These minor complains can’t measure up to the great reviews of this quality saw.

When thinking about adding a circular saw to your many pieces of equipment you now own, the Milwaukee 6390-21 saw would be the perfect addition to your workroom. With exceptional handling control, being lightweight, and the ease of changing blades, you’ll be glad to add this to your collection of workhorse pieces. No mater what material is involved in your projects, your Milwaukee 6390-21 will help you get the job done faster and accurately.