Milwaukee 4270-20 9 Amp Compact Electromagnetic Drill Review

milwaukee-4270-20The Milwaukee 4270-20 9 Amp Compact Electromagnetic Drill Press is a great tool for drilling hundreds of holes through thick metal like machine bases and bolster plates.

The Milwaukee 4270-20 is exceptionally light and therefore easy to transport. This makes it particularly great for remote jobs.

It is made by Milwaukee, a large global corporation which manufactures electric power tools and accessories. Milwaukee was founded in 1924 and it aims to provide the best products possible to professional users worldwide. The corporation’s products are known for their durability, quality and reliability.

The Milwaukee 4270-20 9 Amp Compact Electromagnetic Drill Presshas a powerful 9 amp motor with up to 1.1 horsepower. At 26.7 pounds, it is light for its power. It has a feed handle that can be placed in two different positions without extra tools, plus a simple 2-button control panel – making it easy to use. It can drill large-diameter holes through thick steel, and it incorporates a two-coil electromagnet.

Price and Main Feature list

This Milwaukee 4270-20 Drill Press goes for $853.99 on It has lots of great features, including:

  • A powerful 9.0 amp motor with a maximum horsepower of 1.1
  • Weight of only 26.5 lbs.
  • Comfortable handle for carrying
  • Strong double-coil magnet
  • Feed handle can be placed in two positions (no tools needed)
  • Straightforward two-button control panel
  • Control panel is not obstructed by the feed handle like in some other drill presses
  • Capacity to cut holes of up to 2 inches in diameter through 2-inch steel when you’re using annular cutters
  • Uses annular cutters from ½ inch to 2 inches in 1-inch and 2-inch-deep cuts
  • Speed of up to 450
  • Voltage of 120V (alternating current – AC)
  • Height of 15.333 inches.
  • Extras: Lubricant Spray Bottle, Safety Strap and Hex Wrenches (and a carrying case if you’re buying the AB model)

Who is it for?

Milwaukee 4270-20 9 Amp Compact Electromagnetic Drill Press is for the professional user who needs to drill lots of holes in thick metals quickly and efficiently. It is especially for those who will regularly need to transport it to non-portable equipment. Since it comes with a safety strap, it will also be a safe option for those who work where power is likely to be interrupted.

Pros and Cons

The Milwaukee 4270-20 Drill Press is fast and can drill hundreds of holes in a short period of time – a definite pro when you are rushed. It is also easy to use and does a neat, clean job with little to no burring. It has a safety strap, which is a great advantage when your power is suddenly cut off. It also comes at a reasonable price. Lastly, as mentioned above, it is very light for a machine of its power – great for when you need to carry it around a lot.

A possible obstacle is that its 9-amp motor does have its limitations. It should be more than strong enough for most jobs, however.

Why you should buy it?

This Milwaukee 4270-20 Drill Press will definitely make your life easier if you need to drill through metals regularly. It is exceptionally light, easy to use and powerful. Considering that it also comes at a reasonable price, it is likely to be a great investment.


Milwaukee 4270-20 9 Amp Compact Electromagnetic Drill Pressis light yet powerful, and has lots of great features.