Milwaukee 4206-1 12.5 Amp Electromagnetic Drill Press Review

milwaukee-4206-1The Milwaukee 4206-1 12.5 Amp Electromagnetic Drill Press is all you need for drilling into ferrous materials thicker than half an inch. When you cannot take the work to a machine, a portable electromagnetic drill press like this one is a great solution. It is good for drilling and tapping holes in machine bases and bolster plates.

It is made by Milwaukee, a large global corporation which manufactures electric power tools and accessories. Milwaukee was founded in 1924 and its vision is to provide the best products possible to professional users worldwide. The corporation’s products are known for their durability, quality and reliability.

Price and Main Feature list

Milwaukee 4206-1 12.5 Amp Electromagnetic Drill Press goes for $1,384.20 on Its features include:

  • A 12.5 amp motor gives you ample power
  • A Drilling Capacity of ¾ inches
  • A drill point pressure of about 1,630-1,670 pounds
  • 350 revolutions per minute at no load
  • Solid state electronic switching
  • A Line Lock-Out feature, which stops tool from operating if electricity is suddenly restored after being interrupted.
  • Feedback speed control
  • Electromagnetic variable speed adjustable base with 9 inch drill travel (the fact that the position on the base is adjustable makes lining up the bit easier and quicker)
  • 120 volts
  • Weight of 70 pounds
  • Chuck Size of ¾ inches
  • The base of the drill is a demagnetiser, which allows for easy removal of chips afterwards
  • Strong electromagnet
  • Simple, convenient controls

Who is it for?

Milwaukee 4206-1 Drill Press is for the professional user who needs to drill holes in ferrous metals quickly and efficiently. It is especially for those who regularly work on non-portable equipment. This Milwaukee 4206-1 Drill Press is known for its rugged durability and power. Made from great and unique raw materials, it will last a long time. Since it has some advanced features, it may be confusing for the hobbyist who is just starting out; beginners may be better off starting with something more basic.

Pros and Cons

What stands out about the Milwaukee 4206-1 Drill Press is its powerful 12.5 Amp motor, which enables it to drill through just about any ferrous metal surface, and its portability. The Milwaukee 4206-1 combines features of Milwaukee’s 4203 and 4262-1 drill presses. It has the 4203′s adjustable position and variable speed base, and the 4262-1′s ¾ inch motor. It has a drilling capacity of ¾ inches.

This drill press’s high power motor is a pro. It will drill easily through almost any ferrous metal. Its speed and ¾ inch drilling capacity are other pros.

A possible con is that, depending on your budget, it might be too expensive for personal use. It comes at a reasonable price for what it does, though.

Why you should buy it?

Milwaukee 4206-1 Drill Press is powerful, and you are unlikely to be faced with a job it can’t do. It is also relatively easy to use and comes at a reasonable price – all good reasons for buying it.


Milwaukee 4206-1 12.5 Amp Electromagnetic Drill Press has power plus portability. If you are a professional who regularly drills holes into ferrous metals, this will be a worthwhile investment.