Milwaukee 2663-22 Reviews

Milwaukee 2663-22 18-Volt M18 ½-Inch High Torque Impact Wrench with Friction Ring Product Review. The 2663-22 18-Volt 18 ½ inch high torque impact wrench with friction ring is smaller than the competition while still providing power that leads the industry. The wrench allows you to perform maintenance and construction jobs as well as loosening or tightening bolts and nuts. The speed can be matched to the job that you are performing as a result of the variable speed trigger. Milwaukee-designed impact mechanism provides best-in-class torque, 475 ft-lbs

The wrench offers heavy duty performance in a compact, lighter design. Fatigue is reduced by the small size and weight. The battery and wrench are protected from damage by overload protection when situations are abusive. The unit also comes with an additional battery.

The fact that the unit had a total of twenty-two Amazon reviews that give it an average overall rating of five out of five stars and it did not have a rating below four stars made us decide we should take a closer look at it.

Milwaukee 2663-22 Product Information:

  • Milwaukee-designed impact mechanism provides best-in-class torque, 475 ft-lbs
  • 4-pole motor provides maximum speed and power
  • Compact size and weight reduces user fatigue
  • Overload protection prevents damage to the tool and battery in abusive situations
  • Friction ring allows quick, easy socket changes to increase productivity

Milwaukee 2663-22 Negative Reviews:

We start with the negative reviews in order to ensure that we are painting a realistic picture for the consumer.

The fact that there was not a review below four stars made finding negative aspects of the wrench difficult.

One reviewer was upset that they were unable to remove the bolt for the crankshaft pulley on a Camry. Another reviewer found that the unit did not do so well on longer bolts. They found the wrench to be top heavy and fit of the battery on the charger was not ideal. Even these reviewers found that the performance of the drill was more than satisfactory.

Milwaukee 2663-22 Positive Reviews:

Basically every review even the ones that had negative points showed satisfaction with the unit’s performance and small size.

One reviewer found that they could change two of a Bobcat’s tires, strip a transmission and rotate four tires with battery life left on the wrench. Even the most difficult jobs such as those done in a typical mechanic shop were breeze.

The battery life on the unit was more than satisfactory with multiple jobs being performed without having to change the battery between them. There was even battery left after all that without a need to switch to the extra battery.

The inclusion of the additional battery was a plus to reviewers as well. The reviewers found that the wrench was sturdy enough to perform the job needed but not too heavy that they got too tired while performing the job required.

Milwaukee 2663-22 Review Conclusion:

Q. Can we recommend the Milwaukee 2663-22 18 Volt M18 ½ Inch High Torque Impact Wrench with Friction Ring to consumers?

A. Yes we would and here is why.

The reviews were all positive with only a few negative aspects thrown into the reviews.

Overall, the performance of the unit was satisfactory and there were only a few incidents with the wrench not functioning to the expectations set forth.

As a result, we can recommend the Milwaukee 2663-22 to consumers that need a high impact torque wrench for even the largest of projects.