Milwaukee 2651-22 18-Volt M18 3/8-Inch Compact Impact Wrench Review

The Milwaukee 2651-22 18-Volt M18 3/8-Inch Compact Impact Wrench is well designed to provide quality, flexibility and power. It is best for a range of rough and tough errands, auto-motives, as well as construction projects. It is perfect because it is compact in size making it suitable for long usability. For instance, one can comfortably and effectively use it seamlessly throughout the day without feeling fatigue.

It is light, only weighs 4.1 pounds and measuring 5-3/4 inches; it is also known for fighting in tight spaces and does not withhold power. It has the most speed which is as a result of Milwaukee impact mechanism that features within the tool. The impact wrench is efficient and works best because it has four-pole frameless motor.

It works based on the maximum torque which contributes to increased productivity and also works at a fastening speed, runtime, as well as power. It is versatile making able to tackle a wide variety of jobs while also ensuring quality outcome. The main attributions behind this are a variable speed of 0-2,200 and 0-3,200 rmp respectively.


The M18 lithium-ion power is compact, light, and dependable

This impact wrench is mainly powered by ion lithium batteries which are convenient and relieves one from the hassle of extension cords. It is well manufactured to ensure that it delivers high torque, runtime and speed. The batteries are preferred because they last long. The batteries are protected against overload; they have a suitable temperature management system and also have a personal cell voltage monitoring guard which is mainly used during tough jobs. The batteries can display the remaining run-time through the power gauge. Moreover, one can always carry along his/her extra pair f batteries for replacements if need arise. These batteries are easy to recharge and they would take only an hour or less. These batteries are also known and adored for their light weight making them convenient to be used I the Milwaukee’s M18 Compact which also contributes a lot in the general light weight of the tool.

These tools are easy to handle, powerful and are quite innovative

The impact wrench carefully balances power with ergonomics. It is among the best tools in the market and it is very comfortable working with it. It is flexible thus making it able to handle a range of jobs. It is also easy to handle which reduces fatigue when an individual is working using it.


It has a back up of five year warranty that protects the user against any defects in the materials, as well as workshops.

Reputed manufacturers

Milwaukee is best known for manufacturing quality products and they are always loyal to their customers. They respond to all the problems that they customers may experience while using their tools. The do this according to the warranty they offer their potential clients. They are popular for the rood reputation.


  • 2651-22 Impact Wrench
  • Two batteries of ion-lithium with XC high capacity
  • A battery charger
  • A carrying magnesium case


Restrictions in its usability

The Milwaukee impact sockets rust quite easily especially when used outdoors, therefore restricting one to use it mainly from indoors. This is the main problems that its users face and they complaint that when the tool acquires a lot of rust; its functionality reduces from time to time.

It requires professionalism

Using this impact wrench without experience or training is quite challenging. This therefore forces its users to undertake some training program that may be helpful in knowing how to use. Moreover, the programs are not for free, they are costly and one may not have time to go for them.

It is costly

This Impact Wrench is quite costly because according to its manufacturers, it is highly rated and they claim that it can perform just best.


This great wrench is a perfect tool that comes from a reputed manufacturer. It handles a range jobs including; rough and tough errands, automotives, as well as construction projects. If you are looking forward to using a tool that is light and has a magnesium casing for easy handling, then this is the right one for you.