Milwaukee 0779-22 V28 Impact Wrench Review

Milwaukee 0779-22 V28 28-Volt Lithium Ion 1/2-Inch Cordless Impact Wrench a powerful tool that competes fairly with the traditional corded tools. It is mainly powered by a quality 28-volt lithium-ion battery that is best known for producing amazing high torque of 3,900 in./lbs. It performs at its optimization and it also has variable speed motor operates which allows one to set it up according to the work force being employed at that time. It mostly operates at 1,450 rmp allowing it to crack free the most rusted, frozen nuts. It has a magnesium casing that contributes a lot to its lasting long ability but, this does not put on additional weight to the tool. Although it can handle a range of tasks but, it qualifies best at removing lug nuts from car, SUV and truck tires.


Five year warranty

It comes along with a five year warranty allowing its users to always take it for repair whenever they encounter any problem while using it. In case the problem is not solved, and then the manufacturers may replace it. This only happens if anything happens to the tool within the first five years.

Long life battery

The two ion-lithium batteries has a prolong life and they can easily be recharged making the tool to be used throughout the day without experiencing low power.

It is heavy, strong and powerful

The high torque enables the Impact Wrench to handle quite a range of tough pieces of work. It is well built and has a magnesium casing which makes it possible to be carried for a long period o time without feeling exhaustion. Moreover, it is very strong which contributes to its ability to handle a range of heavy tasks such as removing lug nuts from car, SUV and truck tires.

Milwaukee 28 volt impact wrench

This tool can also be used to assist in road services and it performs better than how it is rated. For instance, it is rated at over 200 ft.lbs of high torque which is more than what is used in removing lug nuts that are torque at 95ft.lbs

It is user friendly

It comes along operating manual for the user. This makes first attempt successful and one would simply read the manual and grasp the idea that should be employed it the usability.


  • Two v28 lithium-ion batteries
  • A charger
  • Hanger bracket
  • Detent kit
  • A case
  • Manual


Weighs more

This impact wrench is very heavy making it only suitable for handling heavy jobs and limits it from handling small and easy pieces of jobs. One feels exhausted easily when holding it.

Costs more

The impact wrench is very costly especially when purchased to do personal jobs because it would be wasting money as well. When warranty expires, repairing it costs a lot and one may also end up spending more on repairing it than even the actual amount of buying a another tool.

Its torque is overrated

It does not have the maximum torque to perform some challenging tasks that involves maximum torque. For instance, it could not take out Honda crank pully bolt torque from a nearby factory. Even though it is heavy and big, but rating it high is not a good idea. Moreover, it is not preferable for automotive usability.

It is not as advertised

Most people who used this impact wrench; feel disappointed especially when it fails to loosen bolts that are tightened to 150ftlbs. Moreover, it costs a lot and is not powerful. Although it is compact, but it can only handle pieces of work in some areas due to its large size making it unable to perform in areas where there is limited space. Moreover, due to its heavy weight, holding it for long is not easy and one feels tired after a short period of time.


Are you looking for a well built tool for removing lug nuts from car, SUV and truck tires? The Impact Wrench will give you a wonderful experience and amazing results than what you expected. It is perfect and you will not be disappointed.