Milwaukee 0779-20 V28 28-Volt Lithium Ion 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench Review

Milwaukee 0779-20 V28 28-Volt Lithium Ion 1/2-Inch Cordless Impact Wrench is a power tool that is designated to bring maximum torque, the highest of any Cordless impact wrench. It is powered by lithium-ion batteries from Milwaukee. It incorporates maximum torque with 1,450 rpm, as well as with 2,450 ipm to provide power, energy, in addition to speed to operate. It is known for drilling big holes, removing large nuts and driving larger lags.


The illustrations below are advantages as obtained from customers’ reviews;

Big, heavy and very strong

It is tough and does not loosen tire lug nuts. It’s very big making it easy to hold by both hands. The van has eight lug nuts per wheel and removing all the thirty two nuts is very easy and does not take much time. Although it’s large and heavy but its battery can easily slide out and in both from the front and back. Most people prefer sliding the battery from the front because it makes the wrench shorter which gives one room to make the wrench tighter by moving the battery pack out of the way.

Big unit, with good power,

The impact wrench is well built and performs just best. It is mainly great for lug nuts, as well as old rusty bolts. Its batteries are great as they can store power for as long as one finishes doing his/her piece of work by the end of the day. One can as well as purchase another pair of battery so that he/she can slide in whenever the other one dies. They recharge easily, they last long making them very easy to beat the five year warranty.

Reliable and consistent

The the wrench is awesome and it comes from a reputed manufacturer making it more reliable as one can always contact the manufacturer for any help regarding the tool usability and any problem he/she faces while using this tool. The 28 volt impact wrench is great when it comes to breaking loose head bolts, as well as lug nuts that are utilized n in heavy trucks, in addition to SUVs that are used in the latest roads by employing high torque. This impact wrench is preferred by many people simple because it can perform more than one errand. It can also be used in driving lag bolts or concrete anchors in an assortment of constructions. Due to the fact that this device is heavy, most people mostly use it to perform heavier errands but still they ought to try using it in other pieces of jobs.

It is portable

Although the impact wrench is known for being heavy but it is highly portables. It uses batteries thus making it more mobile as one can carry it and use it from many locations especially where there is no electricity. It is also very powerful and it is known for consistent performance. It also comes along a five years warranty in its box.


  • 325 ft.lbs of high torque
  • Variable speed of 0-1450rmp and 0-2450 ipm
  • Hanger bracket along with compact steel ring
  • Capable of 2x run-time of 18V tools
  • Revolutionary 28 Volt Lithium-Ion Technology
  • Five years warranty


It is costly

It costs more since it has many features and it can also perform better. This will limit the number of people who like to purchase and use it mainly for personal use.

Overrated torque

It is believed that the impact wrench has maximum torque but according to some people who used it, it is just overrated. It performs poorly when it comes to removing lug nuts of a car. All it does is hammering away. It can only handle smaller pieces of work like n small bolts. No matter its big size, but, this does not guarantee that it performs well.

Very heavy

The wrench weighs more making one to exhaust easily and cannot be held for a long time.

A bit less durable

The impact wrench does not last that long considering the fact that it’s very costly.


By chance you are looking for a reliable and consistent tool for drilling big hole, removing large lug nuts and driving larger lags, this impact wrench is the right choice for you. It comes along a five year warranty and it comes from reputed manufacturers.