Miele Vacuum Cleaners – A Right Vacuum for Any Home

MielevVacuumvCleanersThe changing lifestyle of people has brought in a need for new goods and services that are supported with high technology performing multi-task functions. Be it in cooking, traveling, relaxing or for that matter cleaning, people look for things or products and services that can satisfy all their demands. Today, vacuum cleaners are one such machine that is constantly upgraded to meet the ever changing demands of the modern homes. Miele vacuum cleaners are no exception to this. Born in Germany, Miele vacuum cleaners are known for their reliability, durability and versatility in household or commercial cleaning. Since the launch of the first vacuum cleaner in 1931, Miele has been successful in offering only high quality vacuums that offer excellent cleaning performance to satisfy the users.

No wonder, the company, which is renowned for consistent research and rigorous testing of its products, brought of its presence in most of the continents like Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. Miele vacuums are well-equipped with advanced filtration system that can undergo 9 to 12 stages of filtration. The HyClean dust bag, which is a unique feature, helps capture 99.99{9a380f4e84d98486cb4e3fb0b774145dd920d53eef77a0fda2ce39067aee7610} of dust, allergens and dust keeping the environment in your house clean and hygiene. The motor, which delivers 1200 watts of power and cleaning attachments, ensure effective and efficient cleaning of anything on any surface.

The high performance quality of Miele vacuums have earned many completely satisfied customers for the company. For this reason, the company undergoes constant testing and research of all its models, parts, accessories, to ensure high quality. You can find genuine Miele vacuum cleaner parts and accessories everywhere either in a local store or online easily.


Miele vacuum cleaners are known to last lifelong and hence, they come in different types to suit any homes. There are:

Upright vacuums: Miele upright vacuum cleaners are meant for cleaning multi floors, carpets, furniture, furnishing and upholstery. They are equipped with 1200-watt motor and hygienic dust bags for complete cleaning. These vacuums come in 7 different models with on-board tools and ergonomic design to meet the cleaning demands of the modern home.

Canister vacuums: Miele canister vacuums are the pick of the lot due to their exceptional cleaning performance. They come with many cleaning attachments like a brush tool, telescopic wand, brush roll, crevice tool, etc., to clean any surface, including difficult–to-reach places. The 1200-watt motor provides powerful and constant suction to remove any stubborn dirt or pet dander.

Mini Upright or stick vacuums: They are handheld or portable vacuums that are equipped with 1000-watt motor, HEPA filter, HyClean dust bag and attachments for effective cleaning. No doubt they are known for their excellent maneuverability and comfortability which makes cleaning quiet easy and stress-free.

Used and Refurbished vacuums: Due to their far-reaching performance, Miele vacuums are quiet popular all over the world. The used and refurbished vacuums, which are available at discounted prices are good enough to undertake any type of cleaning and are durable and reliable. You can find them online easily.


Miele vacuums are best known for any type of cleaning tasks due to their impressive quality, reliability and durability. They are equipped with effective AirClean System Filter bag, 1200-watt motor and other cleaning attachments to remove anything like dust, debris, dirt, pet hairs and spills on any surface like multi floors, upholstery, furnishing, rugs, and furniture. You can find many models at different prices that suit your requirement.


The world renowned Miele vacuums have received high ratings of 5 for their exceptional performance. Though these machines are high priced they are well-known for their impressive features. The 1200 watt motor guarantees high suction power that can be used on any surfaces. The HEPA filter system and HyClean dust bags are quite attractive features that guarantee highly clean and hygienic environment.