Miele CVA 4066 Review

What is Miele CVA 4066?

Miele CVA 4066 ReviewFor decades the Miele Company has had a trusted reputation for German originality, durability, and quality. Miele is well-known for creating products that not only make the consumer’s life easier, they make them feel pleasantly pampered through the company’s innovative designs and extra features not found in substandard products.

That being said, the Miele CVA 4066 Built-In Coffee System doesn’t disappoint. Miele has several types of coffee makers to fulfill practically any purpose. The space-saving unit is a 23.62” (60cm) whole bean/ground coffee machine that comes equipped with numerous features that are both beneficial and practical, making it a must-have for any kitchen or office.

Whether requiring that necessary strong cup of coffee in the morning, or craving a perfectly-formed latte at any time of day, this product has everything to accomplish the task.

Reflecting the company’s legendary reputation for practicality, the unit comes equipped with intelligent functions like height-adjustable dual dispensing spouts made to accommodate any sized cup. this espresso machine can grind coffee beans prior to brewing, or the system’s grinder bypass function allows the user to add their own coffee grounds.

One of the most important features of the Miele Miele CVA 4066 Espresso Machine is an insulated container designed to hold milk, which it will automatically steam and foam to create a perfect cappuccino, latté, or espresso made to order. As any coffee-lover knows, a functional milk-frothing element is essential to a quality coffee system.

Heres What Itll Do For You

Even the most demanding consumer will appreciate the variety of features that make owning and operating a Miele an extremely user-friendly experience. Moreover, the Miele CVA 4066 also creates a lavish feeling wherever it’s installed. A lackluster kitchen instantly becomes more elegant. A dreary office becomes a space for sophisticated comfort, leaving stress behind.

This model is ideally suited for anyone that desires a handy, more permanent solution to the problem of unreliable portable coffee makers. To begin with, the Miele CVA 4066, a 110 volt unit, can be plumbed in to any water source connection, allowing it to be installed wherever there is access to a water supply: home, office, virtually anywhere. Subsequently, the sleek, attractive 23.62” (60cm) design of the system adds style and the convenience of a readily-available coffee system without sacrificing valuable counter space.

This unit is also strikingly easy to use. After the simple installation process, water is directly supplied to the unit through a ¼” plumbed PEX line and then produces delicious coffee using either whole beans, which the Miele grinds to suit any taste, or coffee grounds poured into the unit via the grinder bypass function. The desired beverage can then be selected and prepared with the touch of a button. The user can choose whether they want one or two beverages prepared at a time.

For a situation with multiple frequent users, this espresso machine is also able to remember coffee preferences for up to nine individuals. Each user can create a profile recording their desired strength. The Miele stores this information and after that, the user only has to select their profile and then their beverage-of-choice. Thus each person gets coffee suited to their own personal taste.

The Miele CVA 4066 is also easy to operate through its well-situated front door, which allows access to most parts for cleaning and restocking of beans and water. The unit also helpfully prompts the user to add fresh water or beans. It also signals when the unit containing the used coffee grounds is full and needs to be emptied.

Miele CVA 4066 Pros

  • Height-adjustable dual-dispensing spouts
  • Hot water spout
  • Fits practically any cup size
  • Milk tank with frothing system
  • Can be installed relatively anywhere
  • Takes up less space than other brands
  • Grinds whole coffee beans to suit any personal preference, whether coarse or fine
  • Grinder feature is purposely designed to be conical, providing a systematic, evenly-processed coffee ground
  • Unit can grind from 6g to 12g of coffee beans per cup
  • Grinder bypass function allows the user to brew pre-ground coffee
  • Has a considerable 500g capacity coffee bean container
  • Has a sizeable container for used coffee grounds that alerts the user when it needs to be emptied
  • Pre-brew system feature
  • Delay start/stop function
  • Stand-by function
  • Ability to control water temperature
  • Settings for hard water
  • Safety lock
  • Attractive LED lights
  • Multi-lingual (21 languages) LCD display
  • Troubleshooting is easier with Fault Diagnosis
  • Tray and grate on which the coffee cup rests is easily removable for clean-up

Customer Reviews

“The machine makes great coffee. I expected it to be very good, but it exceeds expectations. It is better than that big chain shop and I am a big fan of their coffee…” From Amazon.com

“I am fairly convinced that there is no way a superautomatic will ever rival hand-made espresso, but it will make a beverage at least as good as what one will find at most coffee shops and certainly any coffee shop that uses superautomatics like Starbucks. For a coffee drinker such as myself, who likes a good strong espresso but is NOT a coffee snob or geek in any way, the Miele CVA4066 is more than adequate…” From Epinions.com

Heres What I Want You To Do Next

These days, a high-quality coffee system is an essential appliance to own. Store-bought coffee is expensive and you have more important things to do with your time than wait in line at the local coffee shop every day.

Imagine no longer rushing to get your usual morning espresso on your way to work. Using generally the same methods and parts found in the coffee systems used in the most popular establishments, the Miele CVA 4066 provides fresh, custom-made coffee and specialty beverages conveniently anywhere you need it, at a lower price-per-cup than you would pay at a big coffee chain.

Don’t over-pay for inferior quality coffee ever again. Purchase the Miele Miele CVA 4066 Espresso Machine today and enjoy the luxury of owning your own personal European-style bistro.