Manual Coffee Grinder

hand-coffee-grinderIt is no secret that the best tasting coffee comes from freshly ground beans. This is because the instant a bean is ground, it begins losing its flavor and aroma. Regardless of how well a container is sealed, there is simply no way to fully preserve the bean’s flavor. While many people opt for electric coffee grinders when they want to fully enjoy coffee from home, others prefer a more traditional manual coffee grinder. Many people first choose to buy a manual grinder simply because they are less expensive than the electric models. The lower cost makes the grinder more accessible to the majority of people. Others simply prefer having the ability to fully prepare their coffee by hand. Regardless of the reason, purchasing a manual grinder can provide numerous benefits to both casual coffee drinkers and coffee enthusiasts alike.

Manual coffee grinders allow people to have more control over the consistency of their coffee grounds. Many electric grinders, especially those that work using blades to grind the beans, do not provide consistent results. The grounds will often vary greatly in size and texture. It is also difficult to control the size of the grind. This can prove problematic because various brewing systems require grounds of a certain coarseness. When coffee is ground by hand, however, it is easy to create a certain coarseness. Manual grinders also are better for preserving the flavor of the coffee bean. Many electric models are designed to work quickly. While this additional speed may be convenient, it also causes friction that can cause the beans to become overheated. This heat can cause the coffee to have a burnt flavor when it is brewed. With a manual model, it is nearly impossible to create the amount of friction required to heat the beans. Electric machines are also much louder, so manual units may be more appropriate for people living in apartments or other places where loud appliances may be a problem.

Many popular brands offer stylish, functional, and affordable manual coffee grinders. Antique models can also be found. Because of their long lasting design, many manual grinders are capable of lasting for generations. Regardless of the reason for choosing a manual coffee grinder, it is certain to be an excellent decision. Manually grinding coffee beans at home allows coffee lovers to be fully involved in the creation of the perfect cup of coffee. Not only is this a rewarding experience, but it also ensures that the coffee grounds will be a perfect consistency and that their flavor and aroma will be thoroughly preserved.