Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor Review

makita-mac2400Air tools, like pneumatic wrenches and nail drivers, require you to have consistent, highly compressed air, The Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor is one of the most in-demand models among people who settle for nothing but the best when it comes to tools. And since Makita is known as the world’s leading company for pneumatic tools, it only makes sense that they know a thing or two about designing a reliable air compressor. The Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor delivers on all fronts and gives you the performance that you’d expect from one of the world’s leading air tool manufacturers.

The Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor is the perfect solution for those who need an air compressor that out performs. This twin stack air compressor includes numerous features, from the virtually silent motor to the heavy duty intake air filter system. Packgin 4.2CFM at 90PSI, the Makita MAC2400 has a lever handled ball valve drain system that easily takes care of condensation in the tank. The cast iron cylinder is easily removable. With the finned discharge tubing, heat dissipation is increased and moisture in the lines is reduced. Operating on 12.3 amps only, this compressor is a powerful little machine that will help handle the toughest tasks.

Specifications and Features:

  • Makita MAC2400 Air Compressor Dimensions: 20 x 18.75 x 18
  • Features a durable and removable cast iron cylinder which helps maintain the life of the pump.
  • Includes a built-in thermal overload which helps prolong the life of the motor.
  • Features a heavy-duty air filter which increases air intake and helps increase efficiency.
  • Operates on 12.3 amps.
  • Oil lubricated for a cooler running pump and increased longevity.
  • Warranty: One year.

Makita MAC2400 Reviews:

The reviews of the Makita MAC2400 Air Compressor are for the most part very good. In fact, the average rating is 4 and 1/2 stars out of a possible 5, showing that the majority of customers are very happy with their purchase of this product. Many reviewers comment that the start-up instructions are super-easy to follow and that you can be using your compressor within just a few minutes of receiving it. Another common compliment of this product is that the compressor is very quiet, ensuring that you’re not disturbing anyone else when you use it.

Another thing many reviewers focused on was the quality of this product, one reviewer saying that there are no cheap parts that come with this compressor. It’s sturdy and dependable and most users expect that it will last thme for many years to come. Reviewers state that the gauges are nice quality and that the finned tubing prevents the compressor from getting so hot that it can burn the skin. Some users commented on how the unit was extremely heavy, but others said that you should expect a quality made compressor to be heavy if it’s built with good materials. One reviewer said it was built like a tank and plastic parts were only placed where they made sense.

Based on the reviews of the Makita MAC2400 Air Compressor, we feel completely comfortable recommending this compressor to those who want to operate many tools and handle many tasks with a quality compressor. It’s unlikely that those who purchase this machine are going to be unsatisfied with the performance, the strength, and the quality. The majority of the reviewers would purchase this machine again, or would recommend it to their friends or family members, leading us to believe that it is in fact a great product for the price. It seems like a sound investment that will last for many years to come.