Makita LS1221 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw Kit – A Review

The Makita LS1221 with 12 inch compound miter saw is just another case of Makita’s commitment to make innovation of technology and best-in-class engineering. Makita LS1221 with 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw is best in class for a range of applications that has combination of power, performance, and ease of use for common miter cuts, which is including a range of applications in deck building, woodworking, cabinetry, framing, and more. The LS1221 saw has a dynamically balanced 15-amp direct-drive motor with 4,000 rpm for superior performance and machined speed control which maintains constant speed under load.

Makita LS1221 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw Kit

The LS1221 saw is wheedled for a wide range of trades, which is including professional woodworkers, finish carpenters, cabinet installers, case and base installers, siding installers, decking and flooring applications, and general contractors looking for a superior 12-inch compound miter saw for the jobsite or the bench top. The LS1221 has a large capacity (3-7/8 inches x 6 inches at 90 degrees), with a 4-1/2-inch high pivoting fence for cutting up to 5-1/2-inch crown molding and a pivoting fence for supporting larger stock. The LS1221 saw has nine positive miter stops at 15, 22.5, 31.6, and 45 degrees (left or right), and 0 degree (90-degree cuts).

The engineered aluminum base makes sure accurate cuts. Ease-of-use features include a horizontal D-handle design for simple and comfortable process and a solid size that just weighs 37 pounds, for easy portability. Makita LS1221 with 12 inch compound miter saw includes C.T blade, vertical vise, extension wings, wrench, and dust bag.

Product Features:

  • Powerful 15.0 AMP motor; 4,000 RPM
  • With 4-1/2 inches tall pivoting fence for cutting up to 5-1/2 inches of crown molding
  • With positive miter stops at 9 settings: 15, 22.5, 31.6, 45 degrees right or left and 0 degree (90 degrees cuts)
  • Build up with Horizontal D-handle for simple and comfortable operation
  • Having Carbide tipped blade for accuracy cutting
  • Having electric brake to maximize productivity
  • With pivoting fence for supporting larger material

The Makita LS1221 Reviews

The Makita LS1221 compound miter saw has more positive things than negative. For example, this saw is kind of very accurate and powerful saw. The miter table to the base is almost perfect alignment and the fences are very square to the board. The saw is in no way fragile. Adjusting the bevel and the miter angles are quite easy. In addition, the miter gage is easy to read and understand. However, the bevel gage does not give enough contrast, especially after the smallest amount of the saw dust gathers on it.

However, the motor of Makita LS1221 makes an annoying sound when it is first started. It is positioned directly on the right side of the saw making it not easy to see what you are cutting as the cut proceeds throughout the wood. Adjusting the blade is very hard since there is no way to hold the blade fence out of the way to make clear the arbor nut. This saw may be having some reviewer complains about the lack of a laser and poor designed.

In conclusion, particularly, the Makita LS1221 compound miter saw is well-build. This saw gives perfect cuts and easy to adjust. The blade has a better quality and good stock. Generally, this Makita LS1221 compound miter saw is smooth and powerful enough to go through any of the hardwoods. The cuts are very clean. Therefore, based on the reviews, I think I am still going to recommend this Makita LS1221 to use since this saw is strong, square, and very powerful.