Makita LS1040 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw – A Review

Makita LS1040 10-Inch Compound Miter saw

Makita LS1040 Product Description

Makita LS1040 with 10-Inch Compound Miter saw combines power, improved performance, and easiness of use for ordinary miter cuts, which is including a range of applications in woodworking, deck building, cabinetry, framing, and more. The LS1040 saw has a dynamically balanced 15 amp direct-drive motor with 4,600 rpm for better performance and is engineered to make never slip or bog down like belt-drive units. The machined speed control keeps constant speed under load, and the soft-start technology is engineered for smooth start-ups.

The LS1040 saw has a dual post compound pivot arm with bevel cuts up to 45 degrees to the left. Miter adjustments range from 0 degree to 45 degrees to the left and 0 degree to 52 degrees to the right, with 9 positive miter stops at 15, 22.5, 30, and 45 degrees either left or right. The wheedled aluminum base makes sure precise cuts. Accessibility and comfort features include a bright light that works independently of the blade rotation to clearly illuminate the work surface and a compact size, which weighs only 27.3 pounds, for simple portability.

The LS1040 saw is engineered for a broad range of operates, which is including finish carpenters, professional woodworkers, cabinet installers, siding installers, case and base installers, decking and flooring applications, and general contractors seeking a superior 10-inch compound miter saw for the jobsite or the bench top. The LS1040 is just another example of Makita’s commitment to innovative technology and best-in-class engineering.

Cut after cut, Makita saws deliver power, performance, and capacity with lightweight and more accessibility features. Makita has a full variety of corded and cordless saws and blades for cutting wood, metal, and masonry, which is including table saws, miter saws, jig saws, reciprocating saws, circular saws, plunge saws, metal cutting saws, and etc, as well as a complete line of blades and accessories.

Makita LS1040 10-Inch Compound Miter saw includes 10-inch C.T. blade, wrench, vertical vise, triangular ruler, and dust bag.


  • With powerful 15 AMP motor for superior performance; also with 4,600 RPM
  • Having dual post compound pivoting arm
  • The bevel can cut up to 45 degrees to the left
  • The miter can cut 0 degree to 45 degrees to the left and 0 degree to 52 degrees the right
  • With positive miter stops at 9 settings
  • Weighs only 27.3 lbs. for easy portability
  • Accuracy machined aluminum base ensures accurate cuts

The Customer Reviews – Pros and Cons

The Makita LS1040 miter saw is kind of great saw that lightweight and well built. Therefore, this saw is easy to move around. This saw can cut straights, angles, and bevels accurately. The miter cuts in moldings are crisp and clean. By having blade brakes, this saw will be safer. Also, the blade changing is faster. Makita blade of this saw can cut clean and smooth. In addition, this saw has bounty of power. The motor has no needed service, not even brush replacement. So, even though this saw has been often used and for prolonged periods of repetitive cutting at times, it’s still okay and gives the good results. This Makita saw uses a fairly standard dust collection port.
On the positive note, the dust collection work much better than some other saws.

On the other hand, the saw is cheaply made, way too much plastic and not much adjustability of angles for any but the presets. The casting finish and paint are poor and sloppy.

In conclusion, the Makita LS1040 saw can cut accurately and smoothly; and is light in weight for portability. It is lightweight and has plenty of power. This saw is particularly true in bulky, heavy hardwoods and exotics. In addition, the bevel adjustment handle is made by plastic and if over tightened will slip. Also, the bevel scale is kind of hard to see and lacks positive stops for general settings. The saw has adequate precision and power for carpentry backstage and at home. This saw is much smaller and lighter. Overall, this is a incredible saw for the price and its longevity.

Thus, I think I am truly and highly recommend this Makita LS1040 miter saw to anyone, home worker, contractor, craftsman or woodworker to use.