Makita BTW251Z Impact Wrench Review

Makita BTW251Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench is best known for delivering power without any wire connections. It is flexible making it suitable to handle various pieces of jobs. It weighs 3.7 pounds thus very light and can be held for a long period of time without exhaustion. It consists of a well built four-pole high torque motor which produces 170 ft.lbs. Torque, and has variables speed of 0-2, 1000 and 0-3,200 rmp respectively.

This enables it to handle a range of swift jobs. It is durable as the materials used to manufacture it are tough and very unique. The impact wrench is specifically designed by a reputed manufacturer known as Makita and it is prides popularity of best industrial power tools from all over the world. It also provides a range of industrial accessories to its users.


It employs a unique design, ergonomic design in a compact size

It is best known for its ergonomic shape, compact size and vey light. It fits well and contributes in reducing fatigue when being used. It can be used in dark areas due to the fact that it features a phosphorescent bumper ring. It also consists of in-built LED light that is used to light the working surface which in return ensures that the work is done perfectly and accurately. This is what many people admire working with because no matter how dark or lit the working surface is, one is still able to work by the help of the lights.

Best impact wrench

The impact wrench can swiftly change race tires on a truck. It can also easily break the lug nuts that are tightened to 95ft/lbs. most people prefer it because it can be used for longer periods of time without recharging the battery. It can sit for several days without being put into usability and when used, it still breaks the lug nuts loose. Moreover, it is worth its cost because it surpasses other impact drivers that are available in the market.

Great little impact wrench

It is great indeed because it can swiftly be used in breaking loose the lug nuts in a Subaru car. It is designed in a compact size, it has awesome L.E.D light on the front which makes it appropriate to be used in a poorly lit places. it is suitable for everyone , moreover, even though it does not has the kind of torques that big guns have, it does performs more than expected especially in auto-motives at home. Additionally, it is compact in size and very light making it suitable for long usability without feeling exhausted. It is co0nvinient, reliable and quite convenient.

It is versatile

Most prefer this BTW251Z more than the other tools because it is flexible and just perfect. It can handle a number of pieces of jobs.


  • It has an inbuilt 4 pole torque with variable speed motor that offer great fastening power of high torque
  • It is compact in size
  • It is designed in ergonomic shape
  • It is light and easy to hold and can be used for long period of time without feeling exhausted.
  • It has inbuilt L.E.D light that lights the working surface.
  • It uses ion-lithium batteries and a one hour charger
  • It has a three year warranty
  • It also has a one year battery and charger warranty.


Very nice flashlight, but shame on Makita

Although this flashlight is perfect and it is compulsory in this tool, but it has a downside especially in its fastening. It is useless when climbing a tree.

Annoying auto shutoff below a certain voltage,

The light has small number of detents. They are only four. It is fixed focus and has a wide beam. The lights become dimmer as the battery is dying and most people say that this interferes with the job. Moreover one would work twice in a well lit area compared to a dim area.


Are you looking forward to buying this great Impact Wrench, go for it because this is one of the best tools ever and it is quite easy to use.