Makita 9403 Belt Sander Review

makita-9403Are you in the market for a belt sander with power? Are you looking for a sander that goes only at one speed and that is very fast? If the answer to those 2 questions are yes than the Makita 9403 may just be for you. The 9403 was built for one purpose only and that is to remove as much stock in the shortest time possible.

Enjoy quiet, efficient sanding with the double insulated Makita 9403 11 Amp 4-Inch-by-24-Inch Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag with an extended base for flush sanding.

The Makita 9403 11 Amp 4-Inch-by-24-Inch Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag is designed for operator comfort and convenience with the large front grip and over 16 foot long power cord. The quietest sander in its class the unique design allows for flush sanding to walls.


  • Quietest belt sander in its class at only 84dB with unique ability to flush sand to walls
  • 4″ wide belt has a speed of 1,640 ft./min. and large front grip for operator comfort
  • Double insulated with labyrinth construction sealing the motor and bearings from contamination
  • Cord is on the upper portion of the handle and the dust bag swivels a full 360°for convenient maneuverability

The Makita 9403 Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag is an outstanding power tool. Any respectable belt sander review will mention the Mikita 9403 as it is one of the quietest belt sanders in its class and boast a 4 inch wide belt with a speed of 1,640 ft./min. ensuring quick material removal. A labyrinth construction and double insulation seals the motor and bearings, protecting them from contamination while the large front grip is uniquely positioned to provide for operator comfort. Locating the cord in the upper portion of the handle for convenience was inspired as was the 360° swiveling dust bag for more convenient operating. The unique flush design also allows flush sanding to walls.

Customer Belt Sander Reviews of the Makita 9403

Customers really enjoy their Makita 9403 11 Amp 4-Inch-by-24-Inch Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag, whether using it in a professional capacity or for a do-it-yourself project. This sander provides serious power, more quietly than any other in its class. It gathers a good amount of the sanding dust, has comfortable handles and works efficiently.

What Customers Like About the Product:

  • Quietest belt sander at only 84 decibals
  • 4-inch-wide belt
  • Dust bag
  • Large front grip

Customers rave about the fact that this is the quietest belt sander that they have ever used. They also enjoy the four-inch wide belt, which efficiently removes material while sanding. It’s also very comfortable to use with the large front grip and generous 16+ foot cord, providing easy maneuverability. The efficient swiveling dust bag collects a large majority of the cost ensuring a healthier work area.

What Customers Don’t Like About the Product:

  • no vacuum attachment
  • no carrier case for storage

There was a single complaint that there is no vacuum attachment with the Mikita 943 belt Sander as the dust bag fills quickly. Also mentioned was the need for a carrying case for storage.

Belt Sander Review Purchase Recommendation:

This is a lot of sander for a small price. Not only is it rated the quietest belt sander in its class, but it’s very efficient and consumers rave about the maneuverability of the unit. Designed specifically with the user in mind the large front grip and generous 16 foot cord make all your jobs quicker and easier. Cleanup is also decreased due to the efficiency of the swiveling dust bag. This sander provides excellent results for the professional as well as the do-it-yourself worker.