Makita 5007MGA Magnesium Circular Saw Review


Why buy a Makita 5007MGA circular saw? In this discussion we will look at power tools with emphasis on circular saws. Before we begin, just a few words about Makita Corporation. A Japanese company founded in 1915, it operates in six countries worldwide. Its stock is listed on the NASDAQ (MKTAY) selling near $35.80. Revenues come in at $1.8 billion. Total revenue growth for the past five years is at 62.92{9a380f4e84d98486cb4e3fb0b774145dd920d53eef77a0fda2ce39067aee7610}. This makes Makita a long term, formidable competitor in power tool sector.

As with any product each manufacturer tries to be “one step ahead” of the competition. This motto holds true even in such everyday products like circular saws. In looking and analyzing various brands, it is these small differences that set one apart from the other.This means that we must look at the specifics of the Makita 5007MGA, first to see what puts this unit in the five star category and then analyze what sets it apart from the others. What are the specific parts that add to quality and durability? Circular saws are a specialized product. They are used both by hobbyists and professional contractors.

This unit is designed for professionals. First we have the materials used in the product. The Makita 5007MGA uses magnesium components. Other competitive brands use aluminum alloys. Magnesium is rated lightweight and more durable. Next is the motor. It has 15 amps and speeds of 5,800 RPMs for high performance and durability. The strength of the motor plus the high RPMs make it less likely to jam up. Few reviews of other manufacturers cite their RPM numbers. Next, comes the blade. It is 7 ¼ inches in diameter with carbide tips for faster and longer lasting cutting. Most other manufacturers do not offer this feature. It has a large cutting capacity, 2 ½ inches at 90 degrees.

In addition it has built in stops at 22.5 and 45 degrees. There is an electric brake that stops quickly. This is a special safety feature. Now we have the specialized features. It has big rubber levers for quick one-handed control. As well, it has oversized numbers for easy reading. Another nice add on is the built in LED light for better vision. These three features are helpful on construction sites where lighting is not always optimum. A dust blower ad on gives added visibility. We still have more. We have a reinforced power cord and tool case.

Customer Reviews

Now we come to the reviews for the Makita 5007MGA. As mentioned, it has a five star rating by leading distributors. The one key feature that sets it apart is the blade break. Reviewer Kozi calls this a “must have” feature. He says that he wouldn’t buy a saw without that on it. By and large, this is the only saw that has this feature. When using power tools, the aspect of safety cannot be stressed enough. We often hear horror stories of lost limbs and serious injuries. This tool will help eliminate that. If for no other reason, buy this item. This reviewer mentioned the other add- ons like the large controls, oversized read outs and the LED light.

When you put all of these features together, it is easy to see why it has a five star rating. On the minus side, R. Larson complained that the carrying case was a bit small. I could have been larger to accommodate a spare blade. Plus it was tight and didn’t allow enough room for the cord. This reviewer also mentioned that left rear corner of the base plate is chopped off. It doesn’t give the user the guidance needed to finish a cut in a straight line.

We cannot leave this discussion without mentioning a key flaw. It is not with the product but rather with Makita’s marketing campaign. On the Lowe’s website the search for Makita 5007MGA yielded no results. In fact, the website listed no Makita circular saw products. On Home Depot, the Makita 5007 MG was listed but not the new Makita 5007MGA. Amazon did list the product and gave it five stars.

So we leave now with probably the best product in its class, a product with outstanding safety features, a one of a kind tool, with superior materials, construction, durability and ease of use. Don’t look any further. The Makita 5007MGA is the one to buy.