Magnetic Drill Press For Drilling Holes In Steel or Metals

magnetic-drillDrill presses are such power tools that are used to bore holes in some materials with great accuracy. There are different drill presses that are specified for different tasks. Some are designed to drill holes in glass, some in metals, some in ceramics, and some in other such materials. Basically a drill press has two parts that are bench top and a floor standing model. The basic difference between the two is that the first one is escalated on its own base or into some bench whereas the second one is a powerful model with more attachments and accessories and great handling capabilities.

Manufacturers have designed magnetic drills for drilling holes in steel and other such metals. A magnetic drill press consists of following basic parts that are base, pillar (column), and a quill, drill head, a table and usually an induction motor. Magnetic drill presses also have a set of three handles that is radiated with a central hub. These three handles are used to move the chuck and spindle vertically. A magnetic drill press has great advantages over hand held drill. The first major advantage is that you require less effort for drilling holes. Work can be restrained as table allows a clamp.

Magnetic drills are designed in a specific way that they do perfect task when it comes to even rusty, painted, scaly, or even a hard material. It is really necessary to know the working of magnetic drill press as it helps to increase the productivity, reduces time, and become easy to use. Magnetic drill presses are light weight when it comes to portable magnetic drill which has increase the use of this magnetic drill press. The basic feature of magnetic drill press includes its light weight, durability, power, and easy to use. These magnetic drills have 12 – 32 mm cutter capacity and this capacity of cutting varies according to the types of magnetic drill press. Major examples of the magnetic drill press include power feed drills, manual feed drills, low profile drills, permanent magnetic drills, and quill feed.

You can find variable models of magnetic drill presses with varying speed, and pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric power. Magnetic drill press are considered ideal drill machines for drilling holes to steel and any other material. Magnetic drill presses are used to perform some other functions like spot facing, tapping, countersinking, counter boring, and reaming. The speed of magnetic drill press can be altered manually, depending upon the type of work you are going to perform by moving the belt across arrangement of pulley. Magnetic drill press is divided on the basis of their type, speed, size, and depth of cut they drill, and other machining functions they perform. Various types of magnetic drills include portable magnetic drills, sensitive magnetic drills, radial magnetic drills, and other such drilling machine. Whenever you use this magnetic drill press you should follow some precautions. You must wear goggles while drilling through these drills. You can also find a lot of information about these magnetic drills online. And also book your order and have your drills soon.