List 3 Best Belt Sander for Knife Making Like Pro

Grizzly G1015Knife is a popular tool which used in massive numerous of jobs from cooking, woodworking to hunting and studying, etc. It seems easy to own a knife but to make it, you do not only need techniques but also have skill and meticulousness. That’s why I usually call knife making is art and a knife maker is an artist. You may think I’m joking. No, I’m serious. If you’re really a knife maker, you will understand why I said that because it ALWAYS takes much time and effort of you at first to create a knife.

But, today I don’t want to talk much about how to make a knife because I know there are a lot of experts and practician out there who have already shared all their knowledge and passion in making knife to you. I just want to write about how you can saving your time, sweat and increase productivity by using the right tool and techniques. So, today topic is the list of 3 best belt sander for knife making you must-have.

Skill vs Tool, Nonstop Debate:

I know most people said that tool can’t compare to skill. A person who has a great skill is capable of solving the problem and also creating a great product. That’s right. Skill is the most importance factor to be successful in any major. However, the tool is the great support that can make the skill shining more. With the great skill combine to the proper tool, you can do even better.

For simple, just make an instance, you’re able to produce 5 knives in 8 hours working hard from 8 am-4 pm, you can earn 2250$/month ( 15$ per knife). But, with the proper tool and some new techniques, a belt sander prices 700$, you can make 12 knives just in 8 hours. Means you can earn 4700$ per month( excluding tool cost).That sound wonderful, right? Saving more time, makes more product and earn more money.

The example above sound so ideal. However, the question is

Does all tool make profit?

Absolutely not, some products are bargains, some are debts. I’m sure you have at lease one time buy a product that you just use for once or even never use it. That’s why I said the “right” tool. So, how can you get the proper tool for creating more benefit in your making knife career? I think you already know the answer but sometimes, in the huge choice with various features you may feel confused. The answer is choosing what you need.

It means, for example, if you found that the cutting step make you work hard than ever, you should look for the tool which increase your speed. Or, if the sharpening step doesn’t create the satisfied result, just focus on the product that can provide the great sharpening features. Don’t waste your money in what you don’t need to use.

List of 3 best belt sander for knife making:

Belt sander/ belt grinder is a great tool that support you sharpen blade in knife making process. But, not all kinds of belt sander have this features. That’s why we will recommend for you top 3 belt sanders that are able to handle metalworking, which already receive many compliments and good rate from users and experts in both price and value.

Grizzly G1015 Knife Belt Sander:

Grizzly G1015- best belt sander for knife making

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As its name, the Grizzly G1015 is specified product for knife making proposition with enticing price. The advanced features included 1HP motor( while others only have 1/3 HP) and 2-inch-by-72-inch belt make this product becomes ideal tool for knife making/sharpening. One more thing you might want from this machine is its durability with time, which built to last many years, not month.

JET J-4002 Belt Disc Sander:

Jet J 4002 – best belt sander for knife making

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This product impress by the professional design, which combines the belt and disc sander for versatile task. The belt sander part with 1-inch-by-42-inch belt size allows sharpen your knife as demand and the disc part for final sharpening. The cast iron body provides heavy construction and give you the sturdy platform while making knife. Moreover, the disc table tilt and miter gauge deliver more accuracy result. One of the most important element when sharpening knife is the angle. Each type of knife has the different angle of blades. That’s why this factor helps you so much in creating the wonderful knife product.

KALAMAZOO 1SM 1″ X 42″ Belt Sander:

Kalamazoo 1SM – best belt sander for knife making

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This is my favorite belt sander. It’s very simple and easy to use with good belt tracking and strong motor. An amazing 1-inch-by-42-inch grinder for professional knife making shop. At first, I really confused because the information of this product in Amazon is really poor. But after reading a lot of good compliments from customers, I decided to buy it and it doesn’t let me down. Really wonderful product in affordable cost.

Do these sanders need any accessory to work?

Many tool requires the addition accessories to work. But with the belt sander/ grinder, the only thing you need to pay attention is the belt sander paper. The great choice for metal sanding is aluminum oxide and silicon carbide sand paper, which allow the quicker and better result while making/ sharpening knife.

Where do you can buy these belt sander?

These list 3 best belt sander for knife making above are supplied in any tool and home improvement store online and offline. You can easily to find one for yourself. But, if you want to get the best discount price and quick delivery, the big e-commercial sites such as Amazon, Ebay or Home depot are highly recommended.