KRUPS XP5280 Pump Espresso Machine

KRUPS XP5280The KRUPS XP5280 Pump Espresso Machine with Krups Precise Tamp Technology, Stainless Steel is an espresso machine that aims to please. With a 15 bar pump, 2 cup capacity and adjustable steam and frothing nozzles the machine can create any beverage that appears on a coffeehouse menu at a fraction of the cost.

The device also offers users the ability to program their favorite beverages right into the machine for the perfect brew even at the ungodly hours of the early morning.

This machine is intended for use by busy professionals, students and couples who simply want a great cup of espresso anytime they want it for a fraction of the cost they have been previously spending. If you are not convinced yet read on and see exactly what this machine can do for you.

Heres What Itll Do For You

The Krups XP5280 is a machine that has an awful lot going for it because it can do a great deal for its users. The machine is versatile and allows users to make a bevy of different espresso-based drinks. Actually, this machine can make the entire lineup of drinks you would find at high-end coffee shops; latte anyone? The machine has a programmable setting as well which makes it easier than ever to create these delightful coffee-based treats.

The programmable feature of this espresso machine allows users to decide how much espresso is being delivered to each cup. This is helpful for folks who are entertaining a group and would like to set the machine to make multiple beverages in one run. For example you can produce a double shot in one hit while offering up a single shot on the next go around.

The programming capabilities are also helpful for those in a rush in the mornings who would rather not stand around waiting on a cup of espresso to brew. Set it and forget it has been a favorite motto for many busy professionals and the Krups XP5280 delivers that mantra daily.

Many people have reported issues with other espresso makers regarding clean up. It should come as no surprise that most people dont like doing heavy clean ups ever, but especially during the early morning hours or after guests have gone home late at night. The Krups XP5280 kept that in mind and packed the machine full of great features that make clean up a breeze.

The frothing nozzle and steam nozzle lock and can be taken off for quick clean up. The water tank is removable and the entire machine can be rinsed off easily. The Krups XP5280 also lacks a carafe and instead relies on cups being placed under the dripper. This removes another item that needs to be clean from the mix for a quick and efficient cleaning. The machine also adds a cake-free design that ensures nothing gets jammed in the machine.

Aside from all those great features the device is a true money saver. It creates expensive coffee drinks for a fraction of the price that most people pay out for the same beverages. In fact, one large Latte can be created with this espresso machine for under $1 even including cream or milk. The same drink can cost upwards of $5 at expensive coffeehouses. The savings alone have made many a coffee drinker think twice about using coffee shops for their caffeine fixe.

Krups XP5280 Pros

  • Pods or Grounds compatible for versatility
  • Programmable for perfect coffee every time
  • Tamping system
  • Removable water tank
  • Easy clean up
  • 15 bar pump and thermalock heating mechanism

Honest Customer Reviews

“I have used Krups espresso machines for over 25 years. This is my third Krups and it is stunningly superior to the previous models I used. The taste of the espresso made by the XP5280 is vastly superior to that produced by the previous Krups model I owned, and to the espresso made by other brands of machine that my friends own. The coffee also arrives in the cup with a wonderfully thick crema. The taste is, Im guessing, a result of the way the machine carefully controls the water temperature and way the pump and the head work together to control rate of flow of hot water through the coffee grains, in combination with the effectiveness of the auto-tamping mechanism.” From 4-star review

“This machine was reasonably priced and the espresso shot making mechanism works well. It is easy to program the shot volume/strength. You have to remember to empty the drip tray often, because it expels a lot of water when it cools itself down from steaming. I was very happy with the quality of the coffee it produced from different makes and grinds of coffee. I usually use an espresso grind, but sometimes used coarser coffee when I ran out of espresso.” From Seattle Coffee Gear 4-star review

Heres What I Want You To Do Next

Simply put, youd be crazy if you passed up this espresso machine. Aside from creating high-quality beverages in the blink of an eye, taking up little room, and saving you tons of money in the process the machine is built to last.

Customers have been happy with the device for years and if you want to jump on the bandwagon and get into a relationship with the KRUPS XP5280 Pump Espresso Machine with Krups Precise Tamp Technology, Stainless Steel youll find yourself happy for years, too.

Why not give it a try and pick up this espresso maker? Your days of running to a coffee house every morning can quickly be behind you.