Krups XP1500 Espresso Machine Review

What is Krups XP1500?

Krups XP1500The Krups XP1500 combines the heritage of a great espresso brand with the comfort, convenience and options of a coffee maker into one single entity. The device, which features a 4-cup espresso carafe and a 4-cup coffee carafe allows lovers of all caffeinated beverages and easy and convenient way to brew both.

It features a crema option as well as a milk steamer for the perfect cup of coffee, Irish coffee, Espresso, Latte or cappuccino every time. There are few things in life better than a great cup of coffee, but the KRUPS XP1500 Coffee Maker and Espresso Machine Combination, Black has managed to take all of that a step further by allowing for all of those wonderful beverages to be produced by a single machine.

Heres What Itll Do For You

So,everyone loves a great cup of coffee. Actually, there are few coffee drinkers who wouldnt consider a great coffeemaker a perfect investment. On a daily basis millions of coffee drinkers walk into the doors of coffee shops to purchase lattes and other specialty drinks. They head to those shops because creating those drinks at home has never been easy.

The Krups XP1500 used to require a lot of large, expensive equipment. Well, Krup saw the value in offering consumers a small, affordable option that would make not only coffee and espresso. That device; this coffee machine, has been helping consumers get their coffee fix at bargain basement prices since it hit the retail floor.

The dual coffee and espresso options make this device extremely versatile. In the past those who enjoyed coffee and espresso required two separate device. That could get expensive and it took up a ton of counter space. Well, the combining of both not only makes this device affordable but extremely efficient which works well in small, confined spaces; spaces like small apartment counter tops.

The Krups XP1500 also features a brew pause feature that allows the user to stop the brewing and resume it without losing any steam (pun intended). this is especially helpful for people looking to create several cups but space them out over time. This coffee machine also features the easiest switch controls available today making movement from coffee to espresso a breeze. It is also useful when milk steaming is underway and the brewing needs to be paused for the purpose of convenience and safety.

The knobs and controls of the Krups XP1500 allow for complete user control and they are fairly easy and intuitive to use. There are different settings for steaming, crema, espresso and coffee making. The easy to use controls allow for even the most novice barista to create specialty drinks with great ease. This coffee machine makes the entire coffee process actually fun, plus youll be able to wow your friends and family with cafe quality caffeinated beverages.

The Krups XP1500 comes with instructions that walk novice users quickly through the process of brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Even the most novice of coffee makers will fall in love with the easy instructions once they realize the process isnt as complicated as it seems when viewed from the other side of the coffee shop counter.

The illuminated on/off switches allow for easy viewing and the water line indicator, flip out filter and other safety features make creating coffee a safe and efficient adventure. The flip out filter helps to ensure that no coffee or espresso ground get into the machine and the water line helps to ensure the coffee is at the exact strength you, the drinker, likes. Each of these features truly take the guess work out of the process and allows for a perfect cup of coffee each and every day.

The carafes are also dishwasher safe and the device disassembles with relative ease for easy cleaning. If you arent sold just yet the bottom line is simple, this coffee maker will allow you, the average user, to create specialty coffee beverages or a simple pot of java in a small, comfortable and efficient space. The saving alone by making coffee and espresso at home adds up to thousands of dollars each year.

Krups XP1500 Pros

  • Dual coffee and espresso maker offers versatility
  • Small footprint offers easy storage
  • Non-stick warming tray
  • Illuminated on/off switch
  • Brew pausing feature

Honest Customer Reviews

We love this machine. We have limited space and need to have both a coffee maker and a cappucino maker in that space. We have had none of the difficulties that others mention. But we did take the black plastic sleeve off of the frother and that has made a huge difference. With it on we got bubbles. Now we get great froth. And if we pack the espresso well we get an excellent crema. From

Ive had a Krupps Duel Coffee/expresso maker from BB&B for five years now, and have used the coffee machine nearly every day and the expresso part at least twice a week. Everything still work on it and it does exactly what it is supposed too. It is not as fancy as other machines, but if you want a simple machine that can do expresso and coffee. From

Heres What I Want You To Do Next

Now that you know what the KRUPS XP1500 Coffee Maker and Espresso Machine Combination, Black there really is no reason not to go ahead and get with it. The device is perfect for people who believe in utalitarian kitchen devices that still offer flair and style.

Apartment dwellers, busy professionals, coffee aficionados, and schedule-laden students will all love this intuitive, efficient and convenient machine. Get on the bandwagon to coffee town now; you will not be sorry!