Krups XP1020 Espresso Machine

What is Krups XP1020?

Krups XP1020Krups has been in the coffee business for many years now and they remain a favorite coffeemaker manufacturer because of their attention to detail and commitment to well-designed and intuitive machines.

The Krups XP1020 Steam Espresso Machine with 4-Cup Glass Carafe, Black Steam Espresso Maker is no different. The device, which, can be used for a bevy of different caffeinated beverages, offers several different brewing features that make it a truly versatile and easy-to-use machine. There is plenty that this device can do for you.

The feature set of the Krups XP1020 includes oversized knobs, attractive and sleek design features, easy clean-up, timers, steamers and customization options that give owners a cornucopia of ways to truly experience the flair of coffeehouse drinks without the hefty price tag.

Heres What Itll Do For You

The Krups XP1020 is a small, comfortable espresso machine. It takes up very little room. The larger, more expensive espresso makers are hard to navigate for many people because of their large footprint. This espresso machine takes up almost no space and is ideal for apartment dwellers who truly cant afford to sacrifice a ton of counter space in the name of coffee.

The large capacity filter holds up to 4 cups of espresso, the carafe also holds 4 cups, so essentially you can hold 8 cups at any given time. The carafe is dishwasher safe and is lidded for safety and convenience. The lid can open for quick pours or remained closed for slow pouring action.

The side-selector is oversized and intuitive. You can select coffee or steam. The coffee selection is specifically for espresso making. The steam action is used when creating steamed milk for a bevy of caffeinated beverages.

draining and cleaning is easy. the filter and carafe both slide out with easy and is dishwasher safe. The spill tray also slides out from the Krups XP1020 base for easy cleaning. Clogs and issues of the nature which are common with espresso makers are never a problem with this espresso machine. The device disassembles for easy cleanup and de-clogging, if the problem ever arises.

There is a steam nozzle that steams milk in minutes. The steam nozzle is easy to load and you can select the amount of milk you are looking to steam. Steamed milk is used in everything from Lattes to hot chocolate to cappuccino and is a staple of all espresso makers. The steamer also creates the froth that everyone knows and loves from their favorite, coffeehouse beverages.

The settings are intuitive and easy to navigate. The oversized selectors are incredible useful and the illuminated switches make it easy to make coffee even when your waking up super early in the morning or getting a cup of java to go in the middle of the night.

You can also heat up your cups on top of the machine while you wait for your espresso to brew so youll never have to pour a hot beverage into a cold mug again. The idea is convenient but it also touches on a safety issue that many, higher end machines have failed to truly consider. Pouring hot beverages into cold cups can cause shattering of glass. By warming the glass on top of the Krups XP1020 you completely remove that possible danger.

The best part of the Krups XP1020 is the money-saving it allows for. Yes, thats right, money-saving. When you factor in that most coffeehouse beverages start at an average of $4 per beverage many people are spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every year on beverages. This in-home espresso machine can brew the same cup of coffee or espresso at the same quality for a fraction of the price.

Owners stand to save hundreds of dollars each year simply by brewing their coffee at home. Add in the fact that busy professionals can shave serious time off their commute by not stopping by a local coffee haunt and this little device can help customers out in a myriad of different ways.

Krups XP1020 Pros

  • Small footprint perfect for apartment dwellers
  • Easy, oversized knobs
  • Easy clean up
  • illuminated switches
  • oversized filter
  • dishwasher safe carafe

Honest Customer Reviews

“I love this machine. It took a couple times for me to get it but that was my fault not the machine. Now that I have read the directions and know what I am doing it makes a great cup of espresso. I brought it to work one day and my coworker used it and she loved it.” From 5-star review

“Have used espresso machines since the early eighties. Have had 3 machines that cost each in the nineties. For a number of reasons this cheap machine is better than all of them. Have used various models of this maker and love the fact that you can make two doubles with each cycle. You cant do that with many of the expensive machines”-From 5-star review

Heres What I Want You To Do Next

The Krups XP1020 Steam Espresso Machine with 4-Cup Glass Carafe, Black is the perfect espresso maker for anyone who is in the market for an intuitive, convenient and well-constructed machine. The device, which features a myriad of different controls puts the coffee experience in the owners hands. Now that you know all the specs and details of this great device it is time to hop over to a store and pick one up.

Customers around the country are all happy and satisfied with the purchase and surely you will be to. Once you pick up this device youll be able to impress guests and yourself every morning with coffeehouse quality brews and fancy beverages. What are you waiting for?