KitchenAid Pro 450 Series 4 1/2 Quart Stand Mixer Review

kitchenaid-pro-450I find that the KitchenAid Pro 450 Series 4 1/2 Quart Stand Mixer is a basic model with a motor that packs 300 watts of power. A completely metal machine from motor to exterior, controls adjust the 10 speeds of the transmission. Offered in red or black exterior colors, the stand mixer will look attractive on a space of the kitchen counter that measures about 16 square inches. This mixer is ready to go for all regular recipes for breads, puddings and much more.

The Main Features of the KitchenAid Pro 450 Series

For this mixer, I see that KitchenAid brings 300 watts of power into a machine that does everything a home chef wants to make. I do not recommend double batches or prolonged use at one time because the motor seems to seize easily or overheat. The transmission has 10 speeds. The 4 1/2 quart bowl is stainless steel. The attachments are not stainless steel. They should not be placed into a dish washer or the finish will be ruined. Here are the attachments that come with the KitchenAid Pro 450:

  • A flat beater
  • A dough hook
  • A wire whisk

Here are examples of the many foods that are at least partially prepared with this stand mixer:

  • Cookies
  • Cake
  • Guacamole
  • Meringue
  • Pizza dough

Besides all of the amazing foods that can be prepared using the attachments that come with the KitchenAid Pro 450, the mixer also uses the KitchenAid FPPA Mixer Attachment Pack. This pack will let people make a wider variety of dishes and treats with attachments that perform tasks such as the following:

  • Grating
  • Juicing
  • Meat grinding
  • Pasta making
  • Slicing

This mixer is designed to be a powerful mixer that is designed to perform many different tasks that make food preparation so much easier. I find that it is manufactured to perform faithfully for years to come with its durable, all-metal construction.

The Reviews : Pros and Cons

I know that most buyers who consider purchasing kitchen appliances like to know the good and the bad regarding the products they want to purchase. Careful purchasing helps people find those products that best suit their needs.

The Pros

  • The bowl is stainless steel.
  • The machine motor has 300 watts of power.
  • The mixer will perform all the basic mixing functions.
  • The extra KitchenAid mixer attachments work with this model for even more food preparation options.
  • A time-saver, this stand mixer is easy to use.
  • The mixer is easy to clean.

The Cons

  • The head does not lift for easy bowl removal.
  • Attachments are difficult to replace.
  • The attachments with a burnished finish cannot go in the dishwasher or the finish is ruined.
  • Sometimes the motor seizes and quits working.

A Basic Mixer with Power

Simple and basic, the KitchenAid Pro 450 has a powerful motor that helps it perform a wide variety of mixing and other actions that make cooking and baking so much easier. Although I find it a good performer using its attachments, the machine can quit working if the motor seizes or overheats. Still, the machine has much going for it as far as performance and function. Additionally, the KitchenAid brand has a long track record for providing quality stand mixers for commercial and home use.