Kalamazoo 1SM Belt Sander Review

Kalamazoo-1SMKalamazoo 1SM belt sander is very supportive electric tool, which has special design for sharpening edge stuff in the fastest and efficient way. Made with solid structure and durable materials, this sander compliments other 1 inch belt sander product and will last for years and years, the most appropriate for who are looking a tool to repair house or their business shop. Sharping knives, metal, chisels, sanding small things, and other edges tools have never been easier with this sander.

The Kalamazoo 1SM Review:

Highlight Features:

Excellent sharpen:

The good thing about this sander is not just well-built design while sanding but the Kalamazoo presents a reasonably powerful Baldor motor with 1/3 HP, 1PH, delivering strong and smooth process with ease.

The 1″ x 42″ belt size is a good choice for small and sharpens jobs. Another advantage is its single phase with high speed to 1725 rpm, 4″ contact wheel control the motor works fluently, provides great fast velocity for sharpening your own plans. Although the single phase has required from you a little practice first for getting used to the speed and handy working after that with the fixed speed like this. Moreover, the tilt work table also offers the great degree tilt which helps your sharpen more easier, get the smoother and sharper result than ever.

Easy belt- tracking:

In fact, almost belt sander makes users annoy with its belt- tracking. Because the belt just sliding off always and you have to track it manual, very very annoyed and waste your time. But the Kalamazoo 1SM now equipped with the spring tensioned rollers helps to maintain consistent belt tension and tracking. Furthermore, you can also change and track belts in about 30 seconds. So quickly and simple.

Mobility-Save Space:

The best things we like about the Kalamazoo 1SM is the very compact design. So we can put it orderly very position in our small house. It’s easy to move around any area with the weight just 32 pounds. You just need to bolded it down and it will stay fixed, strong and solid right there without removing and reinstall every part of the machine because it comes with full assembly already.

Quite run:

Unlike some other belt sanders come with heavy size but very shaking when you’re working. Unlike other big sander, we are really impressed with the quiet motor. You can work your job in the minimal vibration with solid built.

Cheap Cost:

The performance and value for money this belt sander offers are hard to come in our experience. With the equal quality, you’ll have to pay more than this product’s price. It’s absolutely a bargain for the wonderful electric tools, which last long for many years and helps saving your time and increasing your productivity a lot. This Kalamazoo 1SM belt sander review received all positive feedback in Amazon, really impressive.


The only problems about this Kamalazoo 1SM are the size. For some large projects, the small 1-inch size may not ideal to work with. In that case, you should look for other industry sanders with bigger belt size and harder motor.

Our Rating:

The Kalamazoo 1SM belt sander for sanding and sharpening the various kind of different materials like plastics, wood, composites or even metals. The product included the aluminum oxide 1 inch by 42-inch belt for finishing the mission excellently. The overall design of the Kalamazoo 1SM impress with high speed, durable usage for many years and easy belt tracking. It’s absolutely ideal sander for sharpening and small project for your hobbies, business shop and home improvement simply in the fastest method.