Jura ENA 5 Review

Jura ENA5 AutomaticCoffee is one of the most essential ingredients in many peoples lives. It is how they start the day, it is how they get through the day and so quality coffee is a must. To produce a quality cup of coffee, a good coffee machine is also essential, and this Jura ENA 5 review will go to prove just that.

The key points of this machine are that it has a stylish cube shape stainless steel body with a choice of colored sides cherry red or black), it grinds, tamps and brews all within 60 seconds and it produces beautiful espresso coffee. It is also possible to customize both the temperature and coffee strength enabling the production of the perfect personal cup, and in addition it features an easy-to-use programmable rotary dial. Measuring 17 by 9 by 14, it will sit easily in the kitchen and not look at all out of place.

Jura ENA5 Milk Frothing

This particular model offers two methods of frothing milk, the traditional side steam arm whereby you can steam the milk in a pitcher, or an integrated milk steaming system which froths straight into the cup. This second method is particularly handy if you are just wanting a quick cup and dont have time to manually steam. It is important to always clean the frother after every use otherwise milk can build up and may lead to a steam explosion. Poor reviews based on this is caused by user error, not a machine fault.

Energy Compliant

One of the main benefits (apart from the great coffee) is the extremely energy efficient system that disconnects itself from the electrical output, thereby conserving energy. This switch can be applied while it is still brewing coffee, it will finish the job and then go into total energy save mode. It also has a standby system which reduces power consumption by up to 40{9a380f4e84d98486cb4e3fb0b774145dd920d53eef77a0fda2ce39067aee7610}.

Burr Coffee Grinder

The bean chamber really enhances the quality of this machine, because it is clear, enabling the user to view the beans (also useful for checking the level), but also for the look and style. Fresh coffee beans have always given off a classy feel with their aroma and appearance, so this simple feature really enhances the quality of the product. Also, one doesnt have to use coffee beans and the grinder, the Jura ENA 5 espresso coffee machine also accepts pre-ground coffee thereby increasing the choice for different blends, even decaffeinated coffee.

Other Options

The machine has a built in water filter to ensure the water used is as close to pure as possible, this of course being an essential ingredient to producing a top quality cup of coffee. It is also fully programmable and allows you to save your personal preferences for your ideal cup of coffee.

Users Write Jura ENA 5 Reviews

This coffee maker already has multiple positive reviews from previous purchasers.

One person said of it, Very good machine and has several of the bells and whistles that more expensive machines have.

Another loves the design, saying it looks beautiful, while another praised its ability to override the cup size while brewing. This same user also was in a position to compare it to their daughters top of the line Jura model by stating the coffee produced is excellent.

These positive reviews further highlight what a useful machine the Jura ENA 5 truly is.