Jura Capresso ENA3 Espresso Machine

What is Jura Capresso ENA3?

Jura-Capresso-ENA3Have you ever wanted to purchase a grade-A espresso machine, but you simply didnt have the space to dedicate to it. Well now you can go ahead and purchase that espresso maker because the Jura Capresso ENA3 Automatic Coffee and Espresso Center, Black is the perfect machine for its space-saving qualities.

The device offers 18 bars of pressure, allows for grinding, temping, and brewing all in one spot and it comes with a frother and easy-to-use dial that allows for complete customization of brewing strength and temperatures. There are a lot of great features packed into this little, tiny device, so read on if you are interested in exactly what the Jura Capresso ENA3 can do for you.

Heres What Itll Do For You

First and foremost this device will save you massive amounts of cash. No, really, the average person spends $1,400 on coffee each year according to recent studies. Thats because they are grabbing their java and specialty drinks on the go, where the drinks are priced at a premium. The Jura Capresso ENA3 allows you to make those amazing specialty drinks in the comfort of your own home for mere pennies!

While the money-saving aspect is certainly a huge bonus this device does so much more. Many people prefer brewed beverages from coffee spots for the ease and convenience. Making espresso-based drinks was never an easy task; until now. The Jura Capresso ENA3 allows for a quick, easy and intuitive brew.

The device can grind, brew and clean up in under 60 seconds. In about 1 minute you can have a perfect cup of coffee without much trouble. It would take you longer to brush your teeth in the morning than brew a specialty coffee beverage.

The grinding feature is especially impressive and will allow users to retrieve the freshest brew possible. Not everyone is into the grinding of coffee beans, so this device has kept that in mind. As a versatile machine it also houses a filter for pre-ground coffee. You can pick your absolute favorite grind or bean and go crazy with it.

The device is also compact. In fact, it is the slimmest dual coffee and espresso maker on the market. It sits at just 9.5 inches wide its footprint isnt much larger than a toaster. Even the smallest of apartment kitchens can house a toaster, so clearly there should be no space issue with this little device.

It also offers customization at every level. The easy, illuminated dial allows users to set the strength of their brew each and every time. If you are just dipping into the world of espresso a mellow brew will be required to truly get into the drink. If you are a coffee aficionado a strong brew is likely your cup of tea.

The Jura Capresso ENA3 allows for every cup of coffee to be made exactly to your liking and thats a pretty big deal for coffee drinks. Coffee and espresso for some is a gamble. When you walk into a coffee house the drinks may be perfect or a touch to strong or week. Well, It makes sure that is no longer a problem.

The device is also an energy saver. It houses a rather intuitive and innovative zero energy switch. This device will use zero energy while on standby. Many people concerned with energy bills run around and unplug devices before they leave the house. This is a hassle that neednt occur with this coffee and espresso machine. The hiswitch ensures that no power is running to the device when it is not in use. Simply flip it back on when you are ready to brew a cup and you are back in business.

The looks of this device are pretty impressive as well. Users concerned with style and efficiency will fall head-over-heels in love with the Jura Capresso ENA3. The device is small, sleek and has a matte black finish for a modern feel. The front features a stainless steel panel for a pop of color and pizzazz. Unlike many kitchen appliances this one not only produces a great service but looks wonderful while doing it.

Jura Capresso ENA3 Pros

  • Zero energy switch
  • Ability to produce a bevy of drinks
  • Easy customization dial
  • 60 second brew
  • Illuminated panel
  • Small footprint

Honest Customer Reviews

“I love that the ENA doesnt take up any counter space. Its small, sleek, very compact, and makes any kind of coffee drink imaginable. I also appreciate its energy-saving features.”– from Amazon.com

“Makes a great cup of coffee, and you have lots of different choices on strength, amount of coffee etc. Very sleek design; fits in perfectly in my kitchen. Pretty easy to use, as long as you keep the directions nearby! Really easy to clean out, and empty out couldnt be more user friendly that way.” from Costco.com

Heres What I Want You To Do Next

Now that you have all the facts, have read the customer reviews and are thoroughly schooled in the power of the Jura Capresso ENA3 Automatic Coffee and Espresso Center, Black it is time to take the plunge and pick up this little powerhouse. As the slimmest, most versatile machine on the market you could not possible go wrong with this top-notch espresso maker.

The savings it affords, alone, in coffee costs is enough to make most people trip over themselves to purchase it. Think about never having to walk into another coffee house on a busy Monday morning and standing in line for your coffee fix. Sounds pretty sweet, right? Well if it sounds like your dream you know what you need to do; go out there and purchase this coffee machine. Your life will be greatly improved!