Jura Capresso ENA 4 Espresso Machine

What is Jura Capresso ENA 4?

Jura Capresso ENA 4The Jura Capresso ENA 4 espresso machine is not just for espresso lovers, it can also be used to make coffee as well. Unlike many of its competition, it contains a stainless steel thermo block and eighteen bars of pressure.

At the touch of a button, this unique machine can grind, tamp, brew and clean in a simple sixty seconds. You can grind your very own espresso and coffee beans or you can use pre-ground beans. It has very easy programming by the use of a rotary dial.

You can also customize your espressos or coffees strength, temperature and amount. It is a king in espresso or coffee machines. The Jura Capresso ENA 4 Automatic Coffee and Espresso Center, Ristretto Black/Platinum Front has all you could possibly want and need in a beverage machine and more.

Heres What Jura Capresso ENA 4 Do For You

This product is a perfect gift or even personal purchase for any espresso or coffee lover. You have so many options with Jura Capresso ENA 4 that you will never need another machine for home made coffees and espressos again. You can grind you favorite beans for a fresh and even unique flavor.

No matter how strong you like your coffees and espressos, with this product you can serve it at endless strengths, everyone (if you have more than one espresso lover) can get the strength they love. If you do not have time to sit on the porch to enjoy the morning and let your beverage cool or if you like it hotter than usual, you can change the temperature of your coffee or espresso with ease.

If you like a large cup of espresso in the morning and a smaller one during the day, you will not have to waste anymore. Thats right, you can change the amount to what you desire each week, day and even meal. It is easy to use and takes only a minute to produce your hot beverage. This feature can save your wallet from having to stop and buy a cup if you forget to start your pot before you get ready. If you are an espresso or coffee lover this is a great buy for you!

Jura Capresso ENA 4 Pros

There are many advantages to owning the Jura Capresso ENA 4.

  • It is very easy to use.
  • The instructions (owners manual) are easy to understand.
  • It offers a variety of awesome features to ensure you get the coffee or espresso you love.
  • It offers temperature control.
  • It offers amount adjustment for different sized espressos.
  • It has unique strength adjustments to make sure your beverage is just how you like it.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • This machine actually alerts you when it is time to clean it.
  • It is the slimmest of its kind at only nine and a half inches wide.
  • It is perfect even for the smallest kitchens.
  • You can grind fresh coffee and espresso with out using a separate machine.
  • If you are a big fan of these beverages, it can save you thousands a year on coffee and espresso.
  • It is quiet when in use, unlike many other similar machines.

Honest Customer Reviews

“I was impressed with the Jura machines owned by Swiss friends and neighbors. I have had this machine for 8 months now and have never regretted my decision to purchase it. It is smart enough to tell you when it needs cleaning and the instructions (unlike the Nespresso machinges I have owned) were very clear.” From amazon.com.

“i bought this espresso machine about a month ago and so far it is the best i ever had. easy clean up and and require less maintenance than other brands. it makes great espresso with crema and great cappuccino.” From costco.com

Heres What I Want You To Do Next

If you are a big coffee, cappuccino, or espresso drinker or you know someone that is, this is an awesome buy. You may spend over a hundred dollars a month on these kind of beverages when you could just have this machine. The Jura Capresso ENA 4 will save you thousands of dollars over its life span (which is longer than most other machines of its kind).

Its quiet use makes it perfect for busy families. Its ability to adjust the strength, amount and temperature makes it awesome for a home with multiple hot beverage drinkers. Each person can get there personally perfect cup of their favorite hot beverage, with the Jura Capresso ENA 4, with out waste. Its quick to use and so if you forget to start your cup as you are walking out the door, that is no problem. Many people find themselves in a cramped kitchen with the inability to house many appliances.

The size of the Jura Capresso ENA 4 makes it perfect for a small kitchen with limited counter space, or even if you travel a lot. The features and abilities of this machine make it the absolute best of its kind. It can make multiple kinds of hot beverages at a temperature, strength and amount you are sure to love. People in many countries all over the world adore this product.

Not only does it have amazing features but the manual is written so well with easy to understand terminology that it is practically fool proof even if you are not a wizz with electronics. This product is perfect all across the board. Its easy to you, simple to understand, and offers you so many varieties in its capabilities.

If you are a big coffee, cappuccino, or espresso drinker, stop wasting your money on cups from a big brand name store. I urge you to stop with the hassle of other machines that do not add up to this one. This is a purchase you will not regret. Go get your very own Jura-Capresso 13421 ENA4 Automatic Coffee and Espresso Center, Ristretto Black/Platinum Front today!