Jet JDP-20MF 20-Inch Floor Drill Press Review

jet-jdp-20mfWorking with woods or metals is a tough job. One needs to know what equipment to use and how to use it in order not to damage the raw materials. For those who look for comfort when working with these materials, the Jet JDP-20MF 20-inch floor drill press has the right solution for you. Read on in order to know the Jet JDP-20MF 20-inch floor drill press description, advantages, disadvantages, and current drill press reviews.

The Jet JDP-20MF 20-inch floor drill press is a hefty and heavy equipment that is suited for any type of woodwork. It comes with an easy to follow instructional manual. Do not worry because setting it up is like playing your kid’s Lego puzzles! However, you need someone who can assist you when you put the head of the unit on because it is quite heavy for one person to carry.

Product Description

The Jet JDP-20MF 20-inch floor drill press weighs about 292.6 pounds. Its size is 20 inches with built in 1.5 hp motor which is ideal for heavy duty tasks. It has a round worktable that can be easily manipulated up and down and tilted up to 45 degree angle. You can do this by simply turning the smoothly vaulted crank on the side.

The speed motor is about 12 spindle speeds which ranges from 150 to 4,200 rpm with ¾ inch chuck. The equipment can operate on both 115 volt and 230 volt power supply thus providing more options and flexibility.

This model has a built-in work light that can meet the lighting needs of a workplace with poor lighting. A drill chuck and key are also included.

The weight of the drill is about 288 pounds. Furthermore, the product has a 2 year warranty which makes it the best buy in the market!

The Jet JDP-20MF 20-inch Floor Drill Press Advantages

  • The unit has a large and heavy base which provides great stability.
  • The unit has an adjustable round worktable that does not just goes up and down but also tilt up to 45 degrees angle
  • The built in lamp for drill bit is a plus because it provides illumination and increased visibility to workers.
  • The speed of its motor can cater a wide variety of materials and can suit other heavy jobs too.
  • The unit can work for a longer period of time without damaging it because of its powerful 1.5 horse power motor.
  • he two year warranty that the manufacturer offer its buyers is an assurance of quality.

The Jet JDP-20MF 20-inch Floor Drill Disadvantages

  • The round worktable is not as large as other models thus the materials that can be placed on it are limited.
  • In order to adjust the speed, one must have to manually reposition the drive belts which is quite tiresome for the worker.
  • The unit is very heavy. It cannot be assembled by one person only.

The Jet JDP-20MF 20-inch Floor Drill Press Reviews

Jet has created a masterpiece that can meet the needs of woodworkers. The Jet JDP-20MF 20-inch Floor Drill Press can help professional, domestic and general woodworkers produce world class products using this machine. The powerful 1.5 horse power motor of the unit allows one to drill through many materials and allows one to perform other jobs such as sanding and roughing using the unit. The built in lamp is a die for. Other manufacturers are not starting to duplicate this idea in their incoming models.

The titling table which can be angled up to 45 degrees is a great option for this unit. However, it is round and the diameter is quite small as to compare with other equipments in the same price range. The size is advantageous for some jobs however this is very difficult for jobs that need quick clamping of objects in the worktable.

The production of this unit is done in China. Because of this, Jet should and needs to look after the quality of units being produced and distributed in order meet the specifications and quality that buyers look for in their products.

The product is an eye candy for professional machinists and woodworkers or avid D-I-Yer’s because of its friendly size and powerful 1.5 horsepower engine. Users sees it as an all purpose equipment that can meet their numerous needs. In addition, many thought that the unit’s price was good enough as to compare with expensive products that have almost identical specifications as with The Jet JDP-20MF 20-inch Floor Drill Press.

The Jet JDP-20MF users welcomed the wide range of features the unit has and are very impressed with the built-in lamp.

Comments from Users

Client 1:
“…if you’re searching for an impressive drill press… this is the one! Believe me! I’ve looked almost everywhere and what’s on the market doesn’t compare to this unit unless you’re willing to spend $2600 and up.”

Client 2:
“the unit’s base provides great stability… the work light is positioned accurately to illuminate the drill bit.. the large round table have slits that can be used to anchor a metal vise…”

Client 3:
” The unit is far better than other units that I have seen. The 20 inch is a must have! Smaller drills could not provide enough clearance between bit and post that will fit the material that you need to drill. Get a good X-Y vice, bolt it to the table and wallah! You have a unit that is pleasurable to use!”


If you are looking for the best floor drill press that is available in this era, consider the Jet JDP-20MF 20-inch floor drill. It has a good price and is very competent in meeting your work loads. If you want to purchase or learn more of this unit, visit!

Additional Product Details

  • Shipping Weight: 292.6 pounds.
  • Size: 20-inch floor drill press with a powerful 1.5 hp motor.
  • Worktable: Smooth-traveling table raises and lowers at the turn of a crank to exactly where you need it.
  • Motor Speeds: 12 spindle speeds ranging from 150-4200 rpm; 3/4-inch chuck.
  • Extra features: Built-in work light; drill chuck and key included.
  • Drill Weight: Weighs 288 pounds.
  • Warranty: 2-year manufacturer warranty.