JET JDP-17DX 17-Inch Wood Drill Press Review

jet-jdp-17dxThe JET JDP-17DX 17-Inch Wood Drill Press is the tool for all your wood drilling needs. It can be used for straightforward drilling, tapping, reaming and lots more.

It is made by JET, a large company founded in 1958. Over the years JET has made anything from snowmobiles to nylon stockings. Currently they specialise in metalworking and woodworking. The JET JDP-17DX 17-Inch Wood Drill Press is part of JET’s range of woodworking tools with lots of exciting features. JET aims to provide good service.

Price and Main Feature list

This JET JDP-17DX Drill Press costs $599.99 on, which is a very reasonable price. It has several features, which include:

  • A spindle-mounted laser guide system provides you with a steady marker that helps you drill at exactly the same point every time.
  • The spindle has a durable ball bearing construction
  • A built-in AC work light on the drill press head.
  • A large 14 by 18 inch work table
  • Twin T-slot grooves for a miter gauge or homemade jigs
  • An edge on the table resembling a lip design, which allows for trouble-free clamping of your work piece
  • Metal made hinged belt as well as pulley cover allows for access to the quick adjustment motor mount
  • ¾ horsepower
  • 115 Volts
  • Speed of 200 – 3,630 RPM
  • 16 different speeds
  • Swing of 16-1/2 Inches
  • Drilling Capacity of 5/8 inches
  • Chuck Size of 5/8 inches
  • Easy operations

Who is it for?

The JET JDP-17DX 17-Inch Wood Drill Press is designed for woodworkers who are looking for a highly precise tool. If you need to achieve consistent cross point drilling, drill depths and drill holes, this tool is for you.

Pros and Cons

What stands out about the JET JDP-17DX 17-Inch Wood Drill Press is its precision. It is known for its ability to ensure exact, consistent drilling. The JET JDP-17DX Drill Press has lots of exciting features like a laser guide system and inbuilt work light. It is powered by a ¾ horsepower motor and a poly-v belt drive system. It is especially designed for woodworkers who need to work with a high level of precision.

Speed changes need to be done manually, which is a con, but on the other hand users say it is quick and easy to do. Installation is relatively easy, although some say that the JET JDP-17DX Drill Press is a bit heavy and that the laser is tricky to line up. Operations are generally hassle-free – for example, it is easy to change drill bits and simple to adjust table height and hole depth.

It takes a little longer to spin down than most drill presses, which can be a con if you are in a hurry. Its large table is a pro, since it gives you lots of space to clamp on larger pieces of wood. Lastly, this drill press comes at a reasonable price, which is, of course, always a pro

Why you should buy it?

The JET JDP-17DX Drill Press has many advantages, including precision, ease of use and a reasonable price. Overall its pros outweigh its cons, and it is a worthwhile buy.


JET JDP-17DX 17-Inch Wood Drill Press helps you work with a high level of precision. If that is what you’re looking for, this is a good investment for you.