JET J-4002 Belt Sander Review – Pricey But Worthy

JET J-4002The Jet J-4002 belt sander is here for those who need the professional and outstanding 1-inch belt sander for sharpening blades, knives and edges tools while delivering the expert features.

The Jet J-4002 Belt Sander Review

Strong built:

The Jet J-4002 belt sander is equipped these elements to make sure the machine will last long for years and has a solid structure machine for the hard mission:

  • Cast construction and the cast iron tilting table:
    As you know, the accurate working like sharpening, cutting blades need a stable erection for the better result. That’s why the machine made with cast exterior, is capable of giving you a strong and well-built design without moving around and damage to you and your products. In addition to, the cast iron tilting table is a really useful part for setting job at an angle, make sure your projects run as accuracy as possible.
  • Heavy-duty steel base and rubber feet:
    The unit contains hinged attach to idle wheel for aiming to solid construction and reduce the vibration all the sanding process.
  • Powerful motor:
    the motor comes with 1/3 HP, 11 VAC, 1ph, high power helps you increase the dessert effect, provide the expected sharp and smooth surface as need. Power take off provides to install an flexible shaft aiming to cut, carving knives, drum sanding, deburring and amount of other works up to your demand. Moreover, the Jet J-402 contains the 1,725 rpm disc speed and 3,000 sfpm to provide the excellent speed for sharpening faster and that means you can finish your job as least as using hand or other tools.
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User-friendly design:

  • Deluxe miter gauge: Because sharpening is the job requires extreme precision, so the miter gauge keeps the important role in helping you get the contented result. This feature is design to provides the quick and accurate setup for sharpening specific angles, 45 degrees left and right side.
  • Removable platen: With this feature, the belt can easily fit into the tight space and conforming to sand the special shape of odd pieces in need.

Dust Removal:

Adjustable dust deflector and dust chutes: Because the dust produced by sanding process is injurious to your body. This feature is very important. The dust chutes can connected to a vacuum dust bag to collect all the dust during use. And notice that: the metal fillings and wood dust can generate a fire hazard. That’s why you must ensure the dust collector don’t contain the wood dust before sanding metal stuff.

Warranty Program:

The Jet J-4002 belt sander includes the 2-year warranty, give you the great supportive every time your machine get trouble quickly. The JET company located throughout the United States for easy and save time when you need to repair or maintenance you tools.


The problem this sander need to improve for better quality is increasing the belt tension. The knob seem a little loose fit to control compare to other competitors. One more point is the weight and size of machine may be heavy and large for the small area. Without these negative, this sander will be perfect.

Overall Conclusion:

The particular machine for the particular jobs. The Jet J-4002 can finish it mission excellently, gives you the great results of the smooth and sharpen surfaces of blades and edges tools. It’s a pricey but worthy electric sander with all the benefits and special features to the customers. We hope this Jet J-4002 belt sander review give you a full look of this sander to decide.