Jenn-Air Attrezzi Stand Mixer Review

jenn-air-attrezzi-stand-mixerThe Jenn-Air Products Company was established by Louis J. Jenn, in 1947, in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Jenn-Air Products Company later was known as Jenn-Air. During the early years, this company focused on the manufacturing and marketing of industrial fans which was used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. In 1961, Jenn-Air’s blend of one of these fans to a cook top range lead to the discovery of the first self- ventilated downdraft range. This company later, expanded its product line to consist of several other kitchen appliances which included microwave ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, and small appliances such as mixers and blenders. In 1982, the Jenn-Air brand was obtained by Maytag Corporation which was later, in 2006 purchased by Whirlpool Corporation.

Since the invention of the first self- ventilated cook top, in 1961, Jenn-Air appliances have always offered accuracy in craftsmanship and unique styling. With every passing year, they have maintained their status as the technological leader in performance kitchen appliances with countless product patents, elite features and industry firsts.

Inflexible Jenn-Air invention has converted the kitchen space, in design, and also in cooking and amusement. There are several products that are manufactured by Jenn-Air. The double wall ovens, manufactured by Jenn-Air feature V2 Vertical Dual Fan Convection and industry exclusive full color touch anywhere LCDs which offers you the power and perfectness in baking incredibly light puff pastries and roast moist, tender meats, simultaneously. The duct- free downdraft cook tops manufactured by Jenn-Air offer you with the best performing ventilation system in the industry and they can be easily installed anywhere in the house, even in high- rises or condos.

Recently, a consumer magazine, ranked Jenn-Air as the number one in the built- in refrigerator category. Jenn-Air introduced a new collection of superior performance built- in refrigerators that marries seamless design with thoughtful functionality. The configurations that were accessible in the new fully- integrated flush built- in refrigerator collection included a3 6- inch bottom- freezer and the famous side- by- side door models with an industry- first 42- inch French door bottom -freezer model which provided the widest interior space accessible in any flush refrigerator presently in the market.

The appliances of Jenn-Air have always offered excellent performance with permanent style. The Jenn-Air reputation as a founder and leader in technology has constantly added several new innovative appliances. It has introduced several first and exclusive features to home kitchens throughout the world. Jenn-Air has proudly always maintained the consumer No. 1 preferred cooking product ranking since 1989.

Jenn-Air Attrezzi Stand Mixer

Jenn Air Attrezzi Stand Mixer is beautifully designed and is quite comfortable to use. Preparing food with the help of Jenn Air Attrezzi Stand Mixer makes food preparation an enjoyable job. This kitchen tool provides a range of innovative features which are designed for ease of use and versatility. Jenn Air Attrezzi blender has a high efficiency 400 watt motor with oversized stainless steel blades and backlit LED controls. It has 100 speeds and 4.5 quarts. The warranty of this stand mixer is 1 year.

Jenn Air appliances have provided accurate craftsmanship and unique styling since the introduction of their first self-ventilated cooktop in 1961. Since all these years, Jenn Air has maintained their reputation as the technological leader in performance kitchen appliances with numerous product patents, exclusive features and industry firsts.
Jenn Air Attrezzi Stand Mixer has ten different settings, and it works great. These speeds help in controlling the speed of the mixer from fast to slow. It has a sleek design and is highly functional. The stand mixer is too heavy and is easy to clean.

All of the controls of the Jenn Air Attrezzi Stand Mixer are placed on the top of the motor air in a rotary design with numbered LED’s which signifies the speed. There are in total 10 LED’s. The clear etched bowl is deep, light and can be safely washed in a dishwasher. It is also safe to be used in microwave oven. Jenn Air Attrezzi Stand Mixer has three multi-purpose steel accessories; they are a flat beater, wire whip, and dough hook. Adding ingredients into the stand mixer is simple and comfortable as the motor arm totally moves out of the way of the bowl, even when an attachment is well attached. The mixing bowl is designed ergonomically with dual handles and a pour spout. There is a pause mode for all speed selections.

Jenn Air Attrezzi Stand Mixer has an excellent copper finish, all-metal, die-cast base. It has a safety function which will not run the stand mixer with head tilted up. The provision of Tilt-back head is for easy bowl removal. For easy storage there is provision of detachable power cord. The 400 watt motor of Jenn Air Attrezzi Stand Mixer has a long-life and is highly efficient. The powerful motor of 400 watts kneads the dough rapidly and thoroughly. Jenn Air Attrezzi Stand Mixer is a highly recommended stand mixer. The design is outstanding with an exceptional quality.