Jack LaLanne’s PJEB Power Juicer Express Review

Jack-LaLannes-PJEBThe Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Express (PJEB) is a more compact unit than the Power Juicer Pro, Classic or Deluxe models and is thoughtfully designed to save space in a modern kitchen. The attractive slim-line design of this unit will fit perfectly into any countertop display.

The Power Juicer Express creates fresh, healthy juice within seconds, thanks to the powerful stainless steel blades. Its 250-watt motor runs quietly at 3,600 RPM and the juicer is said to use a special patented extraction technology to make up to 30{9a380f4e84d98486cb4e3fb0b774145dd920d53eef77a0fda2ce39067aee7610} more juice than other juicers.

The feeding shoot can accommodate most fruits and vegetables without the need to pre-cut them into smaller chunks, saving both time and energy. The Jack Lalanne juicer is relatively easy to clean up and made of dishwasher-safe parts.

The compact appearance of this juicer makes it easy to tote around to office parties and other get-togethers. It is also perfect for anyone trying to fulfill his or her daily fruit and vegetable recommendations.

Features and Specification

  • Produces fresh juice quickly and easily
  • Special Patented Extraction Technology delivers up to 30{9a380f4e84d98486cb4e3fb0b774145dd920d53eef77a0fda2ce39067aee7610} more juice than other juicers
  • High Performance 3,600 RPM Induction Motor
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation
  • Surgical-Quality Stainless Steel Blade
  • Extra-Large Round Chute accommodates most fruits and vegetables
  • Large-capacity pulp collector
  • Non-drip spout
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Built-In Safety Features
  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 12 x 16 inches
  • Warranty:Limited lifetime motor warranty

Customer Reviews

The reviews for Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Express (PJEB) are very mixed to say the least. The average user rating for this particular product is 3 stars out of a possible 5.

The people that gave this juicer good ratings say that it is a sturdy, well built machine that is easy to assemble, it’s fairly quiet and cleanup is easy. The positive reviewers also say that this machine can easily make juice out of just about any type of fruit.

Most of the negative reviews reviews came from people that experienced mechanical failures and a couple even complained that they had chucks or pieces left in the juice after it was finished. For example, a number of users complained about carrots getting stuck in the bottom of the shoot and impeding anything else including the stuck carrots from passing through to the blade. It would get stuck once it got juiced down to the right size to just sit at the bottom of the shoot.

The are also a number of reviews on ease with which the machine can be cleaned that are in direct contradiction to one another. Every new product that comes on the market does get its fair share of positive and negative reviews, and sometimes it all depends on where ones interest lies. The general consensus is that this machine is built well and according to our research this product deserves a better rating than a 3.0 stars.

Where to Buy

You can buy Power Juicer Express from many big retailers offline or online like Amazon, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Target, Walmart etc. But which one is the best deal? We have done work for you. We found Amazon.com to have the best prices on all juicer machines including the Power Juicer Express.