Is An Ionic Pro Compact Air Purifier Worth It?

ionic-pro-compact-air-purifierOut of all of the kinds of air filters and purifiers made, it can be tempting to think of getting a small version. Although they’re smaller, they’re a lot cheaper and can be used for just one room as opposed to the whole home. An ionic auto air purifier could help with the car. The top of the line in these small filters is generally thought to be an Ionic Pro Compact air purifier. They not only look good, but they come with impressive warranties and advertising.

If You Have Bronchitis

People with bronchitis have reported that they do find breathing easier with an Ionic Pro Compact air purifier as part of their bronchitis management strategy. Remember – an Ionic Pro Compact air purifier will never substitute for your medicine or for your doctor’s instructions. You also still need to keep your home as clean and dust-free as you can.

If You Live With A Smoker

If you don’t smoke, suddenly walking into a room where a smoker has been is akin to getting slapped in the face. The best situation would be for the smoker to quit, but if that’s not going to happen, then the smoking room needs to have some special gadgets like an Ionic Pro Compact air purifier. Tobacco smoke particles contain the odor. These particles are big enough to be caught easily in an Ionic Pro Compact air purifier.

If You Are In Neither Group

If you don’t have bronchitis or live with a stubborn smoker, then an Ionic Pro Compact air purifier will not do anything significant to the air that you breathe. In fact, an Ionic Pro Compact air purifier may wind up harming you rather than helping you. This is because when ionic air purifiers are on, they discharge ozone, a toxin harmful in large amounts. Studies have shown that people with healthy lungs who lived with ionic air purifiers tested positive for ozone damaged lungs years later. This ozone also is damaging to the environment.

Also, Ionic Pro makes some dubious claims about their products. They claim that their products can filter cold and flu germs from the air. This is basically impossible with the technology available. The size of bacteria is far too small to be trapped by an ionic air purifier. They also do not show any proof to their claims about their products being able to filter out airborne germs.

In conclusion, for most people, an Ionic Pro Compact air purifier is not worth it.