Ionic Air Purifiers Are Not For Everybody

In May of 2005, the venerable American magazine “Consumer Reports” took a detailed and unbiased look at ionic air purifiers. Their conclusion? The average, reasonably healthy person would be better off without them. However, they did say that an ionic air purifier can be a helpful part of the maintenance arsenal of people suffering from some health conditions like bronchitis and severe allergies.

How About If You Get One Anyway?

If you are thinking of buying an ionic air purifier anyway, just to be sure that your air is extra safe, and you don’t have any severe breathing condition like the ones described above, please change your mind. You will wind up doing yourself more harm than good.

First off, there really isn’t anything small enough in the air that it will be able to filter out that would do you any good.

“Consumer Reports” and some product other review services recommend strongly that healthy people do not live with an ionic air purifier. The only exception was for a non-smoker who was temporarily stuck with living with a smoker. The best bet for that non-smoker’s health would either be to move or to get the smoker to quit, but until then, the air purifier like an Ionic Pro air purifier can help ease the pain of the smell and irritation.

Environmental Concerns

ozoneAn ionic air purifier should be used as little as possible and only be used by people who genuinely could benefit from it. It should never be used just for the heck of it. This can harm the planet and contribute to global warming. It also can damage your lungs and bronchial tract.

Ionic air purifiers generate ozone in order to work. That’s the same kind of ozone that’s put the holes over the protective atmosphere layer over the planet. Ozone is toxic in large doses. Living with an ionic air purifier exposes you to dangerously high doses. People who have these kind of air purifiers have been found to get ozone in their lungs.

In conclusion, there is more hype than hoe when it comes to air purifiers, no matter what kind they are. We live in a society where we expect machines and pills to instantly save us from any problem we might be in. However, in the case of the air, we need to work on ending global warming rather than by another electronic gizmo in order to safely breathe deep again.