Ingersoll-Rand 2135TiMAX Impact Wrench Review

If you are having problems on where you can find a tool that will provide you with a durable aid for the little maintenance needs of bolts and nuts in your vehicle or appliances, then you can have Ingersoll-Rand 2135TiMAX Impact Wrench. Ingersoll-rand impact wrench is the tool that can help you with everything that you need when it comes to the maintenance jobs that you have to do. It will definitely be the one that will help you with your tasks through its maximum control, reliability and enough power that can last for a day’s job.

Who Could Buy/Benefit From The Product?

Ingersoll-Rand 2135TiMAX impact wrench is the right product for people who are spending their time working on the proper maintenance of an item and are looking for the one that will help them do their work faster. Ingersoll-rand impact wrench is the tool that people can have when they want a durable and reliable tool that will help them in quickly dealing with their job.

Product Description

Ingersoll-Rand 2135TiMAX impact wrench is the tool that can provide you with the convenience of doing different kinds of work with high power and maximum control over the things that you are doing. You will never have a problem finishing your work because it is well engineered and innovated to provide the best when it comes to any work that you wish to do while using it. Ingersoll-rand 2135timax has features that are designed to make it function the way you want it, especially when it comes to quiet operation without the risk of compromising the torque.

Features and Specifications

  • Has a maximum power of 780 feet pounds
  • The touch trigger has regulator settings for easy use of the product
  • Has maximum control for its push button
  • Only weighs 3.95 pounds
  • Has MAX Protection Program with a 2 year warranty
  • This registered tool is designed to function for a long time
  • It has a price range that starts from $184.98 to $249.49


Ingersoll-rand impact wrench is the product that you can have when you want a tool that will enable you to work on the process of removing and replacing nuts on vehicles or appliances. You can make sure that you are going to have the one that will make it easy for you to deal with your job with all the features and the functions that it can provide. Ingersoll-rand 2135timax impact wrench is capable of doing a maximum power for up to 780 feet pounds and a touch trigger that is equipped with regulator settings for easily controlling the product depending on your needs.

The push button is patented for maximum control while using the tool. It only weighs for about 4 pounds that makes it easier for you to handle the tool when using it. It can also serve you for a long time because it has a protection program from MAX and a limited warranty for 2 years. Ingersoll-rand 2135timax is registered tool that will allow you to use it for a longer period of time at a price range that starts from $184.98 to $249.49.


Ingersoll-rand impact wrench may somehow be expensive, but it will be very worthy for all its features and the reliable functions that it can provide to you. It will be a very worthy purchase and will not make it hard for you to finish your entire job easily and quickly. Purchasing Ingersoll-rand 2135timax will be the best thing that you can have as your multipurpose tool as it will lessen your worries when it comes to proper maintenance of any property that you may have.

Customer Reviews and Scores

A total of 48 Ingersoll-Rand 2135TiMAX impact wrench reviews were made and an average rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 was given to the tool. 44 out of these 48 Ingersoll-rand 2135timax reviews rated it for 5 stars, 3 for 4 stars and 1 rated it for 3 stars. Most people who have purchased the product were satisfied on how the product functions when they are using it for their job. Click here to read more customer reviews…


Ingersoll-Rand 2135TiMAX impact wrench has features that will help in making your work easier and finished in the soonest time possible. It will help you if you will purchase this product and you can get rid of the other tools that make it hard for you to adjust the torque that you are working at. Ingersoll-rand 2135timax is designed to provide only the best when it comes to the impact tool that you want to purchase and make use of it for every job that you may have. Once you have this Ingersoll-rand impact wrench in your tool box, your problems about fixing little things that you may encounter with the maintenance of your vehicles or any appliances that need it will be solved.