Impact Wrench Buying Tips

Impact wrenches are available in many different sizes and styles; also known as the impactor, air gun, air wrench.The impact wrench is used for many different things such as auto repair, assembling products. Mechanic shops use impact wrenches on a daily basis while working on vehicles.

Electrical impact wrenches, cordless, hydraulic powered wrenches as well as air compressed wrenches are available. Air compressed is the most commonly used power source for impact wrenches. These wrenches can be used for small jobs as well as large industrial jobs.

Impact Wrench Sizes

This tool is used in jobs that require a high rotating force, and also helps get the job done a lot faster than other wrenches. The 3/8 inch phuematic impact wrench uses a double pin clutch mechanism and a soft handle for easy gripping.

The ½ inch super duty air wrench has a high pressure impact with a feed lubrication, and this wrench is very affordable. The ½ inch impactor cordless wrench is light weight and comes with a LED light that illuminates the work area.

The ¾ inch electric wrench has a forward and reverse switch and is also light weight. This wrench is made with a double insulation technology. A sway wrench on the other hand can be manually operated, powered by electricity or used with an air compressor.

Buying Tips

When purchasing an impact wrench you should first consider what you will be using the wrench for. If the wrench will be used for smaller jobs than you would not need a heavy duty impact wrench?

Find a wrench that will work for you and your intended use. The snap on composite is a great choice in my opinion and is light weight. Another great impact wrench is the IR 2131 which is a quiet wrench that can withstand a lot of abuse. The IR 2131 wrench usually runs around $209-$250.

The torque titanium impact wrench is another great choice which only weighs 3.95 lbs. Harbor Freight usually carries a huge variety of wrenches that are reasonably priced.

The heavy duty ¾ standard anvil impact wrench can be purchased at Harbor Freight for $69.99 with a variable speed of 1 to 4500 RPM and 500 ft. lbs. of torque. This wrench has a forward and reverse action switch, and uses a ¾ max air compressor.

The ½ inch electric impact wrench usually runs anywhere from $49.99-$69.99, and can be purchased at Harbor Freight as well as Lowes hardware. This wrench produces up to 240 ft. lbs. of torque for tightening or removing fasteners. This wrench carries a 7 amp motor to operate without a lot of work. Finding the right wrench should not be hard with the many different options available market the hardest part would be making a choice between the many different ones.