How to Use Belt Sander on Hardwood Floors

Use Belt Sander on Hardwood FloorsNot only useful to smooth rough wood and metal, your belt sander can also help saving a lot of time and money in refinishing the hardwood floor. By using its handy convenient design, you can easily move the belt sander around your floor surface. Especially, the high- powered motor and speed allow finer sanding quicker so you don’t have to waste many days like before.

What you need to prepare for refinishing hardwood floors:

• A belt sander
• Clothes protection
• Belt sandpaper
• Vacuum
• Dust bag/belt sander vacuum

How to use belt sander on hardwood floors

  • Step 1: Cleaning the floor. Use the vacuum to clear debris and small items on you floor. This steps will ensure your sandpaper won’t be scratched and ripped up when you sanding.
  • Step 2: Prepare your belt sander. Release belt sander lever and load the sandpaper. Then, tighten the sandpaper and check out the belt tension as it can sanding without slip off.
  • Step 3: Wearing your protection clothes ( especially goggles and dust mask) to avoid sawdust and accidents when refinishing. You should attach the dust bag or vacuum to your belt sander too.
  • Step 4: plug in, hold the belt sander in your hands as the most comfortable position for the better result. At first, you should control the lowest speed, then dial it until you get the satisfied smooth surface. Then, move the machine in the direction of the wood grain.
  • Step 5: Move the belt sander all your floor, sanding until it flatten and smooth enough.
  • Step 6: Turn off the belt sander when you finish or stop.
    Notice: Let the unit out of the wood floor before you turn off because the belt sander may cause damage to your floor when you let it on one place.