How to Use a Blender for Beginners ?

Blender-for-BeginnersNowadays, the blender is almost essential in every kitchen. How to use a blender in a correct way, especially for the beginners, is very important. Because using in correct way, you may keep the machine use longer time. Now, I will introduce some key points, I hope I can help you.

Before starting to talk, you should clearly understand that, the Mixer includes a variety of usage. It is common that the blender is used to blend, filter, and mill and mince meat. I just want to introduce the normal usage, the fruit smoothies, which is also my favorite.

Firstly, you should keep the blender clean. Then, you need to wash the fruits or vegetables which will be stirred later. In order to easily blender, you should chop them into smaller pieces. Load the pieces with the chunkiest at the top. Please remember do not overload the blender. You should be able to stir the contents freely without anything spilling over.

Secondly, according to your favorite, you should choose some juicy fruits or vegetables, rather than denser foods. Because dense foods take a long time to chop and it is not good for the blender. If you really like some denser food, I recommend that, you can add a small amount of liquid into it.

Thirdly, then you can plug the power, and seal the cup tightly. Then put the option you want. In this step, you should seal it tightly enough; otherwise the juice will spill over into the base.

Fourthly, let the blender run for about 7 to 10 seconds. For most fruit smoothies, this should be enough. But for the desert foods, you should wait for another seconds. Here, you should pay your attention during blending, because running the blender for longer time will cause it to overheat. If you must use it longer, you should choose the pulse function and pause about every 5 seconds.

Fifthly, remove the cup and unplug the blender after using. Do not plug it back in until after you’ve placed the cup with blade on the base.

Sixth, clean the blades and cups immediately. You should better fill the cup partially with water and dish-washing liquid, seal it, and run it on the blender for a few seconds. Remove the cup, rinse well, and dry it.

Finally, I have to remind you that, there are many kinds of usage of your blender. And different blender has different feature. Please choose what you want.