How To Use A Belt Sander Properly

use belt sander properlySanding is one of the most important steps in working with wood and metal surface. Even though, there are a lot of ways to sand your stuff like using hands, disc sander,… The belt sander is still the fastest method to remove the materials. It’s really easy to use properly, you just need to be careful and follow these simple steps:

How To Use A Belt Sander Professionally:

Prepare the stock: Prepare and make sure your materials stay flat on the table or workbench. For small stock, keep it as sturdy as you can.

Prepare your belt sander: The second step you need to do is install your belt sander. Each model has the different way to the assembly, which you will find the instruction from manufacturers to set up the machine. Check these features for better result:

  • Check the belt tension/ tracking for surely working. Because you don’t want your belt slip out when you use it, right?
  • Choose the appropriate sand paper for your plan. Each material require the different belt to remove the surface quicker and smoother.
  • Attach the dust bag or vacuum to your belt sander for reducing the harmful sawdust when you’re operator.
    wearing necessary safety clothing

Wearing necessary safety gear: when using an electric tool, the safety rule is primary. You should wear gloves and goggles, follow the safe rule and always keep your finger out of the sander’s working area.

Start the motor: After doing all the preparing step. Now is time to sanding. Star up your machine. But, turn off the belt sander before you plug it into electric.

Sanding: using the belt sander can be super easy if you understand how it work and practice sometimes. Here some tips you can apply to your sanding more efficient.


+ The belt sander has a very strong motor with high speed. So, don’t let it in one place as it will ruin all your stuff as fastest. You should move it all the time on removing surface for better performance.

+ At first, you should use the small speed in your material. Then, you can control it faster without scared the belt sander will ruin your stock.

+ Don’t put much pressure in the belt sander. It will make your material uneven.

So, there are the simple how to use belt sander tips, for more detail you can the next post from us in how to use a belt sander on hardwood floors