How To Choose The Best Belt Sander For Woodworking

Hitachi SB8V2Remember when you create a vintage picture frame from the old pallet as Christmas gift, or your gorgeous bookshelf. Well, there’s no wrong to say woodworking is an art. This is one of the most creative jobs that requires all your skill, emotion and techniques to turn the rustic woodstock into the useful furniture with vivid shape.

And, surely, even in small DIY or big woodworking projects, you always want to get the most accuracy and beautiful result. That’s why every woodworker needs the toolbox as the professional support for their career. So, now, I’m going to give you a comprehensive view about belt sander, a versatile tool that provides strong benefits to smooth your stuff and how to choose the best belt sander for woodworking.

Disc, orbital and belt sander, which one to choose?

makita-9903In the huge market out there, you will see there’re 3 popular types of electric sander, which are disc sander, orbital sander and belt sander. So, what are the different and similar point between them and which one you should choose for your work.

First, let’s talk about the most popular form of sander in many years ago, disc sander. It has the stationary design so that you need to carry your wood stock to the circular sandpaper whenever working. The strength of using disc sander is it has the bigger sanding surface that allow you to sand both small and big materials. Moreover, because it’s fixed machine, your surface will get the more accuracy detail such as a finer edges and surrounding area. However, it also has the big problem is dangerous, waste a lot of effort to apply in the big wood stock and no mobility.

Belt sander appears to solve your trouble in time and efficiency thanks to its monster strength. It has the super strong motor to easily smooth any your materials surfaces even rough wood, metal or nonmetallic. There are 2 common forms of belt sander: stationary and portable design. While the bench top belt sander is suitable for the jobs that need certain accuracy like knife making/ sharping or create curved and angle surface, the portable belt sander delivers the convenient and versatile usage to sand unlimited areas like a big boat, a guitar or even your wood floor. By the way, its weakness is too strong so that you need to be careful or it will ruin your stock just in second.

Opposite with belt sander, the orbital sander with low speed is specific tool for sanding at the finishing step. It gives you the finer and smooth surface without damage your stock.’s just perfect to use as a finishing sander. If you use an orbital sander for hardwood or remove heavy stock, it might not strong enough.

Even though the orbital and disc sander also the great tools, the belt sander seem to be excel in abrasion than others. I usually get a various speed control belt sander to use it in both finishing and processing step. Its high power motor and performance allows the users to simply remove unnecessary part in the surface and get the smooth, fine materials at the end. It’s a wonderful electric tool that every woodworker should own.

What benefits belt sander can provide?

This is like the popular question that appear in your mind every time you want to buy something that a little pricey. That’s also my confused every time I decide to purchase a new product. So, let’s find out what benefit you can get from the belt sander.

  • Quick remove stock such as old varnish, painting from the coats, the non-essential section.
  • Saving your time and sweat than using sheet sander or others tool.
  • Better result: the smooth and finer surface.
  • With dust bag protect your health and environment.
  • Capable of using in different plan so that you can save a lot of money.
  • Handy and convenient to use in any area and surface.

How to choose the best belt sander for woodworking?

Although you get what you pay for. It doesn’t mean the expensive belt sander is the best one. Before purchasing a belt sander for woodworking, there’re many elements you have to consider, from the design, the strength, price to the customer service and warranty.

Your purpose:

There nothing important than the benefit you can get from a product. When choosing anything, never forget your purpose, don’t listen to the advertisement. Ask yourself: what you want to do with this belt sander? Is it suitable for your plan? How can it helps you increase your efficiency and productivity? Does it worth to pay more? After answer all this question, you will understand clearly which product you should pick and which is not.

If your project is to create the small wood stuff to decorate your house, you will need the stationary machine to get the better accuracy and heavy structure. If your shop needs a strong sander to handle the big task and increase the productivity, a belt sander with high powered and various speed is the good choice. Even you need to pay more, it’s still deserved.

The belt size and paper:

Base on the belt paper, the belt sander can appear with numerous of size from the small 1-inch to the 6-inch size in width. The bigger size means the bigger abrasive area you get. I recommend the 3 or 4-inch belt sander for common jobs. The 1 or 2-inch is appropriate for the task need the more abrasion and accuracy like knife making. And the big 6-inch belt sander can work well for almost large plan.

Beside the physical techniques features such as motor, speed, constitute, the materials of the belt paper is very essential. The garnet and aluminum oxide are 2 common type of sandpaper for woodworking projects. They can all bring the finer as quick as possible for your wood surface.

The speed and motor:

  • The portable belt sander provides single speed and various speed dial. The various one usually more expensive than the single.
  • For simple or light stock, the single speed can acceptable. You can choose it if you just have the low-budget for the sander.
  • Most belt sander has the motor from 5-13 Amp, the more powerful the motor, the more abrasive the belt sander comes.

3 Best Belt Sander At Market:

Hitachi SB8V2:


This is the lightweight and very strong, which provides the speed up to 820-1,475 ft/min to operate any surfaces. Another feature you might like is the quick-release and the secure front holding. Read our detail review right now.

Makita 9903:


This is the one I like most from the range of various speed belt sander. This sander gets the high compliment and rating from the users. At Amazon, it gets 4.8+/5 star with 146+ customers reviews.

WEN 6502

The Wen 6502 offers the combination from the belt sander and disc sander. It comes with the heavy construction to handle the hard and big projects. Read our detail review right now.