How Does A UV Light Air Purifier Work?

uv-light-air-purifierIf you work in an office and are an allergy sufferer you may or may not have heard that a UV light air purifier can help with your systems. This is very true and in addition to this a UV light air purifier can help you from getting sick in addition to keeping your allergy symptoms at a minimum. The question remains though how does a UV light air purifier work and what is the best UV air purifier to keep your symptoms in check.

UV Light Air Purifier Destroys Organic Material

The main component of a UV light air purifier is the UV light bulb. This is usually a fairly high wattage bulb that transmits UV light at a very specific frequency. Doing this has two effects. The first is that the actual light is extremely harmful to living things and living materials. It can kill most airborne bacteria and viruses instantly. Even the stronger and more resistant ones will die or be so damaged that they are harmless with any kind of significant exposure to the UV light. What this means is that the UV light air purifier can keep you from getting sick by killing the airborne pathogens that cause the problem. Many time illness can spread through an office like wildfire and a quality UV light air purifier is the first line of defense.

The second effect is that the light will stimulate the oxygen and water in the air to start a chemical reaction that will form hydroxyl. Hydroxyl is very effective at breaking down organic material and can literally strip out the harmful chemicals in the air and take out the things that most commonly cause allergic reactions. Molds, fungi, spores, even dust mites and their feces can all be removed from the air. This means that the airborne allergens that are causing you problems are stripped out and you should be able to breath free and easy without symptoms.

The are the two main ways the a UV light air purifier can work to keep the air clean. In a UV light air purifier there are no filters, just usually an area where the air is treated by the light. This does not mean however that a UV light air purifier can not be used with a traditional air filter. By placing the two systems together you have a very effective method for combating the air borne pathogens that cause problems for everyone. The light bulb on the UV air purifier does need to be replaced on occasion, typically about once a year. They are not too expensive however and a new bulb is extremely effective at keeping the air clean and hazard free.