Hoover Vacuum Cleaners – A Trailblazer of Cutting-Edge Technology

Hoover vacuum cleanersIt is said no cleaning looks complete without Hoover vacuum cleaners. Such is the name that has become synonymous to vacuum cleaning. Hoover vacuums are here to please any class of customers. Born in North Canton,Ohio, The Hoover Company started its business as a floor care manufacturer in 1908. The company expanded its operation in theUnited Kingdom,Ireland and many other parts ofEurope with its wide range of home products since then. However, the company was split with Hoover UK/Europe acquired by Candy Group,Italy in 1993.Hoover,US, which is marketed by Techtronic Industries, today still stands high when it comes to vacuum machines.

Hoover with its popular marketing slogan “Generation Future” is truly world class signature in cleaning machines. The company’s globally acclaimed range of unique vacuum cleaners from upright to canister, from bagless to bagged and from handheld to big machines is quite synonymous. The unique features like 90 degree swiveling nozzle, the wind tunnel suction, HEPA filters, etc have made Hooverquite demanding among its customers.

All its products are state-of-the-art technology products keeping with the global standards of excellence. Moreover, the company also maintains the quality of its products by having genuine and replacement parts of all the models available easily. You can find anything like bags, filters, belts and other accessories and replace them quickly and easily.


Hoover vacuums can be classified according to their unique features. They are:

Upright vacuums:Hoover upright vacuum cleaners come in different types – bagged and bagless for different surfaces. They are equipped with a powerful motor and a fan that can suck any dirt or pet hair completely. The HEPA filter system used ensures clean and hygienic environment in and around your home.

Canister vacuums:Hoover’s canister vacuums are quite popular for their powerful wind tunnel suction and HEPA filter. Moreover, they come with a wide range of cleaning attachments like brush rolls, dusting brush, crevice tool, and so on for general and special purpose vacuuming.

Cylinder vacuums: These types of vacuums that come in bagged and bagless are quite compact with an array of onboard tools providing better cleaning options. The 5.5 amp motor provides great suction power. Using it, you can clean anything from dry pick-up to wet spills since it is equipped with Multifunction Pro range of wet and dry tanks.

Cordless and handheld vacuums: These vacuums can help undertake small cleaning jobs in and around your home. They are compact and light weighed. You can clean anything like dust, debris, spills and dirt over the small area quite easily. The cordless feature of this machine helps easy storage in a little space.

Used and Refurbished Hoover Vacuums

Hoover vacuum cleaners are renowned for their high-performance cleaning products, so you can find used and refurbished Hoover vacuums quite aplenty in the market for cheap prices. These machines still work effectively and meet all your cleaning demands.

However, the constant use of machine can lead to wear and tear whether it is a new, used or refurbished one. Due to this, the machine malfunctions. It is better to get it repaired at once in the local repair shop changing the obsolete parts.

Uses of Hoover Vacuums

Hoover vacuum cleaners can help clean anything on any surface. They are well-known for maneuverability and comfortability. The onboard tools that come along with different models help remove dust, dirt, pet hair, stains, wet spills and debris on multi floors, cushions, upholstery, carpets and rugs quite effectively and efficiently.


Hoover, which is known as the trailblazer of cutting-edge technology, has received excellent reviews from its customers. All its products have received high ratings of 4.5 and 5 due to their unique features. The convenient bumper around the base help move around quite easily while cleaning. It is quite a versatile machine that can clean anything.