Honeywell 50250 HEPA Round Air Purifier

The first and foremost uniqueness of the Honeywell 50250 HEPA Round Air Purifier is that it is round in shape and has a 360 degree intake system. This allows it to take in more than usual amounts of air and release it through the top after passing it through a series of filters. The True HEPA filter fitted within the round air purifier removes nearly 99.97{9a380f4e84d98486cb4e3fb0b774145dd920d53eef77a0fda2ce39067aee7610} of the allergens and pollutants from the air. A pre-filter ensures that the HEPA filter is extremely well protected from tiny particles that can damage the microscopic pores of the HEPA filter.


Coming to the functioning of the device, it is rated to clean 390 square feet of room by recycling the air within such a large space at least 5 times in each hour. The CADR rating is 250 meaning that it can effectively eliminate allergens from indoor air quickly.

The intelligent sensors on the control panel indicate when it is time to clean the pre-filter and the device as a whole thus reducing the maintenance runs with this device. Users shall find that the true HEPA quality filtration removes allergens completely from the air making it safe for acute allergic people to breathe without masks.

Specifications And Features

  • True HEPA filtration system removes at least 99.97{9a380f4e84d98486cb4e3fb0b774145dd920d53eef77a0fda2ce39067aee7610} of pollutants above the size of 0.3 microns.
  • Round design is unique to the air purifier and enables easy cleaning of air in larger rooms.
  • Rated to service rooms of the size 390 square feet.
  • Glass-fiber HEPA filter technology.
  • 360 degree flow design with carbon pre-filter.
  • 5 years limited warranty.
  • Dimensions – 18x18x19 inches, weight – 21 pounds.

Silent. The air purifier runs quietly, emitting no extraneous sounds that may annoy or distract you. Along with its size, this feature makes the device unobtrusive- you won’t even realize it’s there.

Warranty. The air purifier is covered by a five-year warranty, the cost of any repairs or replacements needed by the device will be shouldered by Honeywell.

Ideal for wide rooms. This particular air purifier can cover and effectively clean a room as large as 350 square feet, so as long as your room is within that limit you’ll be sure to experience the Honeywell air purifier’s full effects.

Highly efficient filtration system. The Honeywell 50250 99.97{9a380f4e84d98486cb4e3fb0b774145dd920d53eef77a0fda2ce39067aee7610} Pure HEPA Round Air Purifier is able to filter and clean particles that are as small as 0.3 microns- things like dust, tobacco smoke, pollen, cat dander, and spores. It is designed to capture and clean 99.97{9a380f4e84d98486cb4e3fb0b774145dd920d53eef77a0fda2ce39067aee7610} of these particles to ensure that the air you breathe is nothing but the cleanest and safest.

No need for chemical cleaners. Thanks to its cutting edge filtration and purification system you will find that this air purifier is all you will ever need to have clean air in your home. You won’t need to purchase chemical cleaners that would entail additional cost and pose several health risks.

Eliminates most household odors. This air purifier has a carbon activated pre-filter that removes odors from the air so you’ll always get the clean and fresh smell that you want for your home.

Multi-directional airflow. Due to its shape this air purifier is able to purify and cleanse air from all sides, making the process faster and more efficient with minimal energy consumption.

Runs on three speeds. This enables you to adjust how the air purifier functions according your needs in a specific situation or environment.

Tells you when it’s time for maintenance. This air purifier will alert you when the filter needs replacing via a convenient indicator called the Intelli-check electronic filter change indicator, a system unique to Honeywell air purifiers.

Honeywell 50250 HEPA Round Air Purifier Reviews

Considering the high CADR rating for the Honeywell 50250 HEPA Round Air Purifier, many reviewers really appreciated the small price tag on the device. Many purchased this filtration system because at only half the cost of larger units, it was able to clean rooms as large as 400 square feet. The high CADR rating and the powerful fan system of the unit are two things that garnered a lot of rave reviews.

Coming to the bad points, this particular model from Honeywell is not given the advantage of the Silentcomfort features which means that even at the lowest fan speed setting is still noisy. However, cranking it up to the highest speeds caused a lot of noise which many reviewers did not appreciate about it. However, most reviewers learnt to live with the noise because it was not a rattling noise that emanates from the fan rather the noise of air getting sucked in and building up around the HEPA filter because of which the system vibrated.

Many cautious reviewers only purchased this device after carefully surveying the market and reading thousands of reviews of other products. Their reason for doing so was that the average 4 star rating had more positive reviews about the Honeywell 50250 than it had bad reviews. The size and the capacity drew such cautious buyers towards it.

The unique 360 degree surround air technology meant that more air was sucked in each second because of the larger surface area thus ensuring that with a smaller unit a larger room can be cleaned. This coupled with its True HEPA standard made it a big hit with users and the Honeywell 50250 HEPA Round Air Purifier should therefore prove useful to any potential buyer too.