Holmes HEPA Air Purifier – Clean Air Means Fewer Health Concerns

holmes-hepaMost people think about purchasing a Holmes HEPA air purifier because they believe that such a device will do their health a world of good. In addition, it is common knowledge that such a device also helps people suffering from allergies or who have an asthma problem or other kinds of breathing problems. There no doubts the fact that allergens in the air that we breathe can cause certain unwanted health problems and also can exacerbate existing allergies.

Different Types

In case you are serious about preventing and combating allergies it makes good sense to find a suitable holmes hepa air purifier that will help keep out any of the allergens that cause different kinds of allergies. It also means that you have to choose from different types of air purifier systems including UV and Ozone generators as well as ion generators and HEPA as well as electronic options.

Among the better known air purifier brand names you can include names such as Air-O-Swiss and Blueair as well as IQAir, Allerair, Friedrich as too Ionic Breeze. However, before choosing the UV option it pays to know that this type in fact, is believed to suffer from limited usage even though it is capable of destroying microorganisms. However, when it is used with other types of holmes hepa air purifiers it is then able to handle smoke as well as dangerous gases.

One other type is the Ozone generator is a device that works with three different types of Oxygen atoms. This kind of holmes hepa air purifier causes oxygen molecules to combine in a chemical reaction with particulates that are present in the air and so purifies the air though it also raises the level of Ozone in the air and as you may well know; too high levels of Ozone is not good for you and so you need to be careful before using this option.

The smaller holmes hepa air purifiers are typically the ion generators that produce an electrical charge on different particulates which then makes the particulate stick to anything that comes into contact with them. The only drawback to such devices is that they don’t have fans and so the air will not circulate and this in turn causes particulates to get stuck to the walls causing the latter to look dirty.

The HEPA holmes hepa air purifier is ideally suited for those people that suffer from asthma and such an holmes hepa air purifier is in fact, also considered as being very good at removing odors from the air. HEPA or High Efficiency Particle Arresting is a filtration system that is very effective though a drawback to this type of holmes hepa air purifier is that it does not lend well to easy cleaning of its filters and so requires frequent replacement of the dirty filters.

Before deciding on a particular type of holmes hepa air purifier it is a good idea to consider your needs, size of the room or home that needs purified air and any health issues that will mean choosing one type as opposed to another type of air purifier.