Hitachi WR18DL 18-volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Wrench Review

Hitachi WR18DL 18-volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Wrench

This Hitachi impact driver is a professional grade tool with the power to back it up. It industrial grade 2 piece motor has heavy gauge copper coils that give it tons of power and performance that lasts. Good thing it has an advanced cooling system, that sends air over motor to keep things cool. You can run this impact wrench much longer than its rivals, and not worry about burnout.

Hitachi keeps the user in mind with all its features. All over the tool, it has multiple elastomer grip pads so you keep the tool where it belongs, in your hand. Not only that, it is comfortable, so you can use it all day without getting the dreaded numb hand. Coming in at 3.5 lbs, it is easier to wield than most cordless impact drivers.

Two 3.0 Ah HXP Lithium Ion batteries for 3X the life at 1/2 the weight of NiCd/NiMH 

The Hitachi WR18DL owes its extremely lightweight design to 2 HXP Lithium Ion batts, which are included with the tool. These amazing 3.0-Ah batts weigh 1/2 of what NiCad or NiMH batts weigh. What is better than that? These batteries allow this cordless impact wrench to be one pound lighter AND last 3 times more than its rivals. Hitachi built-in smart surge technology with their batteries, that will shut off if they detect a power surge. Your tools can last longer and stay safe from damage due to power surges.

1,950 Inch-Pounds Of Raw Torque! 

The Hitachi WR18DL packs a wallop! This cordless impact driver delivers a BPM rate of up to 3,200! It also features a no load variable speed, with a range of zero to 2,600 RPM. The WR18DL has a industry-leading 1,950 (inch pounds) of raw torque. There are two different modes of control. You can pick between Power Mode and Save Mode. Power mode operates between zero and 2,600 RPM’s. Save mode only goes up to 2,000 RPM’s. Using it in Save Mode will keep you from taking it to the limit, so it will last longer. Power mode will help you when you need to break that tough bolt or lug-nut.

Product Specifications and Technical Details

  • Two Of Hitachi’s HXP Lithium Ion Batteries
  • HXP Lithium Ion Batteries Last 3X Longer And Weigh 50% Less Than Rivals!
  • 18 volts
  • 1,950 Inch Pounds Of Raw Torque
  • Cool Flow System Keeps It Cool So You Can Run This Impact Driver Longer And Harder Than Its Rivals
  • 3.5 pounds – Extremely Light Weight

User Reviews

The WR18DL is rated at 4.2 out of 5 stars. One user commented “I am a Hitachi fan converted over from Makita. I use this Hitachi WR18DL 18-volt Cordless Impact Wrench to change flat tires on my 2 construction trailers. This Hitachi takes the drudgery out of changing flat tires.

You can not avoid the negative reviews and comments. Several users complained that this impact driver does not have as much power as they wanted or needed. One customer commented “Do not buy this tool It is gutless My Snapon 3/8 drive has more power. Total disappointment. This is the last time I buy a product based on cust. reviews.”

One user, a professional garage door installer, owns a Milwaukie and a Dewalt Cordless Impact Wrench. He then purchased a Hitachi WR18DL. He says that they do not compare. He uses his all day long, without any complaint. The advanced cooling system keeps his Hitachi in the game longer than the other wrenches he owns. One of the advanced 18V batteries is worth 3 of Dewalts’ 18V batteries. In his opinion, this impact driver is the best!

Overall this cordless impact wrench has way more positive reviews than negative ones. This wrench is very versatile and has all the features a homeowner or professional would need to get the job done easily and with ease. I would recommend this impact driver to anyone who wants a well-built, well made wrench.