Hitachi DS10DFL2 12-Volt Cordless Drill Diver Review

The Hitachi DS10DFL Cordless Drill is perfect for contractors who require a compact yet powerful drill/driver unit that they can carry around on their tool belt while they work on their projects. It is capable of working on wooden, steel, reinforced concrete and masonry surfaces and can drill into any kind of material as long as the right drill bits are used.

Hitachi DS10DFL2

HVAC, electrical, plumbing and other remodelling works are easier to accomplish with the DS10DFL Cordless Drill thanks to its compact build and handy power. The Lithium ion battery powers this micro drill/driver long enough to reduce working fatigue and stress associated with much more powerful and heavier units. It weighs just 2.2 pounds and therefore is significantly lighter than any other unit.

The unit is versatile with its 21+1 clutch stage setting and 21 torque settings with a powerful motor capable of delivering a maximum of 195 pounds torque that can be used for precise drilling and driving operations in both the forward and reverse direction. Two other features worth mentioning here are the LED light to illuminate hard to see places and a 3/8 inch clutch that operates in a keyless manner for easy replacement of bits.

The battery pack of the Hitachi DS10DFL drill is based on the Lithium Ion technology that powers it longer and better than other battery types while reducing the cost of the entire unit. It has a variable trigger speed which can be operated either single handed or with both hands thus making the design element ergonomic. The battery charger is Hitachi made and reduces overheating issues and thus prolongs the battery cycles.

A warranty period of two years on the battery unit and a lifetime warranty on the tool ensures that the driver/drill unit will stay working for a long time to come. Furthermore, the battery units are backward compatible with many of the micro tool series from Hitachi.

Hitachi DS10DFL Cordless Drill/Driver Features

  • Micro driver unit with maximum torque of 195 inch-pounds.
  • Measures just eight inches in length and weighs just 2.2 pounds making it one of the lightest units around.
  • Variable trigger for more than two speeds.
  • User friendly design that can be used either single handed or with both hands.
  • The 10 year long Hitachi warranty covers the life span of the unit.
  • Dimensions – 14 inches X 5 inches X23 inches.

Hitachi DS10DFL Cordless Drill and Driver Reviews

The reviews for the Hitachi DS10DFL Cordless Drill are all great with only a couple or so reviewers actually giving it three stars. The rest are content with praising their DS10DFL to friends and family giving it a cool five star or four star rating.

The number one factor behind such good reviews is its tiny size and powerful battery that lasts quite long. Some have even exclaimed that it lasts over a day on full charge. This and the tiny construction ensures that it is easy to use as a house owner. Contractors love the tiny size making it easy to carry around on their tool belts and easy to operate on most works.

The compact size and sufficient power output on the Hitachi is just perfect for keeping it in the home tool box for times when repairs and remodelling has to be done personally. For contractors, it is a great second drill that they can carry around with them on their tool belts for use in areas that do not require high power drill/driver units. Because the Hitachi DS10DFL reviews from customers were so good we recommend that you check it out if you are looking for the best cordless drill to buy.

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